Alien Encounter Bin-Aural Audio

X-S Tech

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I know that Alien Encounter went through a revision after it's opening in which the preshow was altered. Was the main show changed as well? The reason I ask is that I heard two versions of the audio that plays in the headrest speakers and they are totally different. It isn't as simple as a left and right channel recording. These are two distinct versions of this part of the soundtrack. I suspect that one may be an earlier version of the show or perhaps just a test recording. There is a time difference too. The first version runs 2:30 and the second is over 4 minutes. Can anyone tell me about the changes made to the main show?

King Stephan

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You probably got a hold of my recording of the show. There was a show previous to the current one that ran in the theater, as well as the Phil Hartman pre-show.

The first version opens exactly like the current one. The middle section, where Clench gets stranded on the planet, takes much longer. The section with the person on the catwalk and the video of the alien was not there. This was represented by a light on a gimbal that shook and then went out. At the end, the alien is transported out with no explanation and Clench is transported into the tube (with the blast doors down) and is banging to be let out as the audience leaves.

Many of the changes made were to improve the pacing of the show and clarify many of the confusing aspects of the original script.

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Wow. Thanks for the info King. I had forgotten about this question but it's great to get an answer. ;D