Alice's Curious Labyrinth


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Alice's Curious Labyrinth is a "walk through" attraction consisting of a maze (a pretty easy one) of doors and shrubs and featuring various set scenes from Alice in Wonderland and moving figures of the Aces and the Queen (who appears above some shrubs shouting "Coup le tete" (off with the head)and other warnings (in French).
Finally, you reach the Queen of Hearts' Castle with fine views from the top.
In the very early years (92 & 93) there was a rather fun slide from near the top of the castle back to ground level (yes, I tried it). This, alas, was blocked off probably due to health and safety issues with the crowds (still there but a plywood door blocks access)
Each section has it's own repeating mini-loop (very short) and several sound effects (hidden in the shrubs) and one section has the bouncing waters where water seems to leap from pillar to pillar.
The loops appear to be only a few minutes long but are difficult to time accurately.
The speakers are set in the bushes but, due to their close clipped nature (the bushes, that is), many often do not play as the wires are cut.

Outside Entrance:
I'm late.

Gloomy Wood

Main Plaza:
Alice in Wonderland.

General Maze:
Horn sounds.

Approach to Caterpillar:
AEIOU (instrumental)

Caterpillar tableau:
AEIOU (sung) 1992-2008
Now replaced bu multi-language greetings and "who are You?- all spoken(2009) .

Caucus race:
The Caucus Race (surprise surprise) :D

Cheshire Cat Maze
All in the Golden Afternoon.

Cheshire Cat Clock Face (illuminated at night)
This just has a steady tic-tock of a clock rather than music.

Photo Spot (Two tableau of playing cards)
Painting the Roses Red

Main maze to Queen of Hearts Castle:
March of the Cards

A bridge over the walkway made of playing cards make grunting with effort noises.

Outside the exit the speakers play a medley of AiW tunes:
Caucus race/unbirthday song/AEIOU/"one I don't know the name of"
This same loop is used on the Mad Hatter's Teacups ride.
Special thanks to @Goofy2 for holding the induction mic on a speaker far too low for me to bend down to to get the reference recordings.

This exit used to lead to a snack area with the (animated) dormouse appearing from a very large teapot and the March Hare snack bar which sold small unbirthday cakes with a single candle (edible).
Unfortunately, this has now changed to an unthemed snack kiosk selling soft drinks etc like most other outlets although the teapot and snack area remain.
The cakes were only sold during the first three years of the Park.