Alice in Wonderland


A friend of mine has requested a certain piece of park audio from me and I need ya'lls help in figuring out which track of mine might be the correct one. (Stupid me for not labeling them better when I get them!)

He's looking for the Alice in Wonderland audio from the pre-'83 Fantasyland redo.

Any help with differences between the two (pre '83 vs. post '83)

Thanks in advance.


Rich T

Hiya! Alice pre-1983? One of my all-time favorites!

The Pre-1983 Alice dark ride used only music from the film soundtrack. The title song looped endlessly in the boarding area. The rest of the ride went something like this, with Alice narration in all scenes.

Rabbit Hole - No music (pitch black, too!)
Upside Down Room - No music
Oversize Room - Looped insane Cheshire Cat laugh from film audio (the cheshire cat was HUGE and looked like he wanted to eat you)
Garden of Live Flowers - Edited film soundtrack version of "Golden Afternoon"
Tulgey Wood - Cheshire Cat singing "T'was Brillig" solo - movie soundtrack (ironically, the cheshire cat did not appear in this scene in this version of the ride)
Tea Party - Edited soundtrack version of "Unbirthday Song"
Crash Room/Shrinking Doors - No music. Goofy's trademark yell played at different speeds as you crashed through the shrinking doors, which was my very favorite part of the ride!

As a bonus, here's the narration, verbatim...I might have the first couple of words in the oversize room was the hardest part of the audio to hear:

My adventures in Wonderland began when I followed the White Rabbit Down the Rabbit Hole. All of sudden, I fell! Down...down...down....

The next thing I knew, I was in the Upside Down room, with the floor where the ceiling should be!

Then I grew smaller...and smaller...and SMALLER!

And then I found myself in a beautiful garden of live flowers.

Ooh...the Tulgey certainly t'was brillig!

Suddenly I was on a table -- at the STUPIDEST tea party I'd ever been to in all my life!

Oh dear! How do I get out?!?!? I'VE LOST MY WAAAAAYYYYYY!

Other kids memorized baseball statistics. I memorized ride dialogue.

I don't know about you, but I think having Alice's narration freak out with panic, followed by a bunch of increasingly-smaller doors screaming at you with Goofy's voice was a truly awesome way to end the ride!

Okay, the remodeled post-1983 Alice ride uses all-new re-recorded stereo versions of the score (though it still plays the movie soundtrack and selections from the Camarata album in the boarding area.) These newer recordings are the tracks found on Disneyland Forever and the 50 Years set Dark Ride Suite.

Hope this helps!