Alice in Wonderland second cast CD question...


I just got the Alice in Wonderland 2nd cast CD from the Wonderland series. It has always been one of my favorites. Here is the question: I own the Japanese release from way back and I can't access it at the moment. The new release sounds amazing and I've noticed that some tracks seem to be longer. Also, the japanese release has some nasty fade outs. What's the deal? How do they compare? Was the japanese release edited down or is it my imagination? And consider this dismaying observation: The japanese release had no windows and no doors..
Any Alice pros here?
Your friend,


Apparently the Japanese CD is derived from the 1959 budget label version of that album (DQ-1208) which, like many reissues in the DQ series, has been sliced and diced. The Wonderland version is from the original unedited master, as it appeared on the rare premium-priced WDL-4015 in 1957.