Aladdin's Whole New World - TDR CD


Hey there, Hi there, Ho there,

this summer season at Tokyo DisneySea there are two special entertainment offerings:

1. in the Cape Cod area, in front of the Cook Off the Jamboree Nights which feature Irish style music (played live by a band on the balcony) and some Riverdance like dancing on the street. Really fun and perfectly fitting into this area of the park. No CD available.

2. Aladdin's Whole New world, a spectacular taking place twice daily on the main lagoon, featuring speed boats, jet ski, water stunts all build into a story of "Aqua Games" organized by the Genie as a battle between the side of the good (Aladdin, Jasmine, ...) and the bad (Jafar). A soundtrack CD was released for this featuring the complete soundtrack including Japanese dialog. While the spectacular is breathtaking to watch and music like "Wild Thing", "Holding out for a Hero" or "Speed" mixed in with the Aladdin material like "A Whole New World", "Prince Ali", "To be Free", "Friend Like Me" etc. really work great live, on CD the amount of Japanese talking, especially by the Genie commenting what is happening on the lagoon gets a bit enerving, if you don't understand anything. So while it is a fun CD, it does not really work well without any memory from the show and even with that I barely play it now.

Before I forget it - there is one more entertainment going on for the summer: one of the boads of the water transit is boarded by some musicians with Chip and Dale. The boat then slowly goes around the shores of the different lagoons while music and dialog of chip and dale are played over the loudspeakers in the area and the audience is cooled down by shots of water from the cast on the boat and a big water canon. Fun!