Aladdin CD and DVD (Special Edition?)


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Sharon: "Do you know who Clay Aiken is?"
Joe (Mr. Sharon): "Yeah. He's the guy who came in second on American Idol. The short, white guy. He can in second to that other guy."

I only marry well-informed people y'know.



Disneymania 3 & more

Hey Matt, thanks for the info about the new CDs!

Do you have any further information ('cause I couldn't find any).

Is Disneymania 3 actually including Clay Aikens version of "Proud of your Boy"?

"Radio Disney Jingle Jams" - what is that? I mean, I got used to the Radio Disney Jams series with all the pop songs from the radio station sometimes with one or two Disney related songs thrown in for good measure (and to get us fans to buy the CDs) - even so interestingly none of those made it to the Ultimate Radio Disney Jams Best of CD . But Jingle Jams?? A radio jingle here in Germany is referring to those short 20 to 50 second long pieces of music that are signatures of radio stations, programs etc.

Thanks in advance for any information ...



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Dirk, the Jingle Jams CD is a Christmas/Holiday version of the Radio Disney Jams CD's. I think there was one already called Holiday Jams...I think that was the title. "Jingle" is a little bit confusing if you're not used to seeing it used in that way, and I can understand why you thought it might mean commercial jingles.
Hi Dirk,

Here is the press release from the Walt Disney Records. This should answer some of your questions :) I don't have any further info on Disneymania 3...
BURBANK, Calif.--Sept. 22, 2004--Walt Disney Records takes you home for the holidays with a sleigh-full of exciting new releases for the whole family to enjoy!

Yule be jammin' this season with the release of "Radio Disney Jingle Jams." The collection features new and classic holiday tunes from today's most popular artists on Radio Disney. The CD includes new tracks from pop sensation Ashlee Simpson, Christy Carlson Romano and Jesse McCartney, plus a special remix of Hilary Duff's "Santa Claus Lane" and many more. Jingle Jam, the popular Radio Disney Holiday Concert tour, features the best of Radio Disney in live performances around the country during the holiday season. The concert tour is scheduled to hit 20+ malls this winter beginning in November.

Disney Channel favorite Christy Carlson Romano's hit songs are available on one disc with "Christy Carlson Romano: Her Greatest Disney Hits." The compilation features two newly recorded tracks -- "Colors of the Wind" from the upcoming "Disneymania 3" release and "Dive In," written by Matthew Gerrard (Hilary Duff's "Why Not"). As a bonus, the CD is enhanced with two music videos, "Teacher's Pet" from Disney's "Teacher's Pet" movie and "Say the Word" from Disney Channel's "Kim Possible" TV series soundtrack.

"Lizzie McGuire Total Party!" is the ultimate collection of songs and karaoke. Inspired by the Emmy-nominated Disney Channel Original Series, the compilation features Lizzie McGuire hosting a seriously cool mix of yesterday's and today's rockin' party hit songs like "Crush'n" by Jesse McCartney, "Dancing Queen" by A*Teens, "Theme to Lizzie McGuire (Extended Supa Mix)" and many more. "Lizzie McGuire Total Party!" includes 14 songs, plus 3 bonus karaoke tracks.

"Disney Channel Hits: Take 1" is a must-have collection of music and videos for Disney Channel Fans. This is the first complete collection of hit songs and music videos from favorite hit Disney Channel TV shows such as "Lizzie McGuire," "The Proud Family," "That's So Raven" and "Kim Possible." The CD features never-before released songs from "Even Stevens," "Lilo & Stitch," and "Phil of the Future" plus a DVD with five music videos, including Hilary Duff's "I Can't Wait," and for the first time, Raven's "Supernatural."

From the films that touched millions of lives, come the songs that shaped a generation. "Disney's Superstar Hits" celebrates over 10 years of chart-topping contemporary hits with this compilation of 16 superstar artists and their Disney singles. The star-studded album includes hits by Elton John, Sting, Christina Aguilera, Phil Collins, Tina Turner, Sarah McLachlan and Bonnie Raitt.

Put a modern twist on holiday caroling with "Disney's Karaoke Series: Christmas Favorites," the newest addition to the top-selling Disney's Karaoke Series. "Christmas Favorites" continues the series' tradition of bringing favorite, family-friendly tunes to your karaoke machine and CD player. The collection contains instrumental and vocal versions of eight beloved holiday favorites: "The Twelve Days of Christmas," "Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer," "We Wish You a Merry Christmas," "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town," "Jingle Bells," "O Christmas Tree," "Deck the Halls" and the Disney holiday carol "From All of Us To All of You."

Three CDs you don't want to leave off your holiday list are the gold-certified "The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement" and "That's So Raven" soundtracks along with "Disneymania 2" (approaching gold). Disney music . . . it's kid-tested and Santa approved!


Well, the CD came out today, and the track listing is the same as it was in the press release - the usual tracks from the soundtrack, plus the demo versions of PoyB and High Adveneture. That saves me $11 at least. ::)

I'm curious why they put High Adventure on there. It seems a bit random.


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I realize it partly has to do with the IMAX releases, but after the lovely cover artwork for "Beauty" and "Lion King" for the Special Edition Soundtracks, the cover art for Aladdin's is downright GAUDY.
And I agree, the inclusion of "High Adventure" is REALLY random.
Anyone checked to see if Target or Beat Buy have different versions with bonus tracks, ala "Lion King" and "Brother Bear"?



... Lion King was available with a Bonus Track at Target?? Which track was it?? That one totally bypassed me!!

... this whole bonus tracks at certain non-Disney-stores just annoys me (see my other post).



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Whoops! Sorry guys. Not only did I forget to check this topic again, but I also got my "lions" crossed.

The Target version of "The Lion King: Special Edition" didn't come with an additional track, exactly, but an additional DISC. The special edition soundtrack itself is identical to the ones released in every other store, but also included is a copy of the "Rhythm of the Pride Lands" disc.

"Rhythm" however, DOES contain an additional track this time around: the "Disney Channel Circle of Stars" rendition of "Circle of Life" (that we all know and *love*) which was heard on the Lion King DVD. The new "Circle of Life" is track #1, and the rest of the "Rhythm" album follows in sequence in the same order as it's previous pressings.

I should also note, though, that both of these discs are packaged together in a double-disc standard-size jewel case. The back (tray) liner's INSIDE features a tracklisting for "Rhythm" and both CD's booklets are included. There might possibly have been a sticker on the front of the wrapper summarizing all this and I THOUGHT it also said this was a Target Exclusive, but I don't remember for sure.

Anyways, sorry if this is old information I'm drudging up, and if not, hope it's helpful. :)



If memory serves... there was a "special edition" of the lion king cd when it was originally released. I think that the "Sam Goody" / "Musicland" chain of stores offered a Picture CD (with no new tracks). This trend continued for at least the Pocahontas (I think) and Hunchback soundtrack CDs (which is pictured on this site).

So the trend of Target doing their own limited editions isn't new. Then there were the days that the Disney Store (gasp) would do their own special editions of the soundtracks.