Aladdin CD and DVD (Special Edition?)

Hi. I am just curious what makes this CD special? Also, is this DVD just a 2-disc speacial edition or a platium version? I am so confused. According to the Disney's video and dvd website, it's just a 2-disc special edition. Weird. I apologize that it's kind of OT. -Matt ???




I think I'll just get that remastered version I saw before, does anyone know if the tracks do sound better than the original release?


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> Suppose I found an aphid in a sandwich I
> was making for you and removed it....would
> you then want some executive chef to put
> it back in and call it "today's special?"

You DO always have a certain "way" about making your point, Bill....

Yes, he does, Sharon--but it IS a great point......I just may not get it.....unless, of course, it has one of those neat aphid-edition lenticular covers--oooooooohhhhh!!!


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It's a platinum edition. Head over to IGN.COM's DVD section for a review and rundown of the extras (as well as the tidbit that Cinderella's officially coming to DVD in Oct.).

Both versions of Proud of your Boy are included. It's a great, great song, and I'm glad more people will get to hear it now. Apparently the directors hated to let it go, but the story took a direction that made it no longer applicable. A couple of great songs *aren't* included on the DVD, though, including "High Adventure." I was hoping we'd get a storyboard version of it: It was one of the goofiest, potentially funniest ideas for a fight scene ever conceived!
Thanks for the info on the DVD :) Regarding the "SPECIAL EDITION" CD :mad: Here is what I found on the Internet.
?September 21, 2004 06:00 AM?US Eastern Timezone

Prepare to Take a Magic Carpet Ride with ''Disney's Aladdin Special Edition Soundtrack,'' Available September 28, 2004

BURBANK, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 21, 2004--

Features Two Rare Demo Recordings of the Deleted Songs ''Proud of Your Boy'' and ''High Adventure''
The unforgettable multi-platinum soundtrack to one of the most decorated animated films of all time is making a magical return! "Disney's Aladdin Special Edition Soundtrack" is set for release on Walt Disney Records on September 28th. The collection features all 21 original tracks plus rare demo recordings of two deleted songs - "Proud of Your Boy" and "High Adventure" - written by the movie's Academy Award® winning songwriting team of Alan Menken and Howard Ashman. Disney's Aladdin has received numerous awards including four Grammy Awards®, two Academy Awards® and two Golden Globe Awards®.

"Disney's Aladdin Special Edition Soundtrack" complements the release of the "Disney's Aladdin" 2-Disc Special Edition DVD set and special collector's DVD gift set, available October 5, 2004. The DVD features newly restored, first-ever digital presentation with 5.1 Disney enhanced home theater mix and highlights including a thrilling virtual magic carpet adventure, a hysterical 3-D tour with an inside look at Genie's lamp, music videos for "Proud of Your Boy" and "A Whole New World," all-new games and much more.

Disney's Aladdin Special Edition Soundtrack includes "Arabian Nights," "Legend of the Lamp," "One Jump Ahead," "Street Urchins," "One Jump Ahead (Reprise)," "Friend Like Me," "To Be Free," "Prince Ali," "A Whole New World," "Jafar's Hour," "Prince Ali (Reprise)," "The Ends of the Earth," "The Kiss," "On a Dark Night," "Jasmine Runs Away," "Marketplace," "The Cave of Wonders," "Aladdin's Word," "The Battle," "Happy End In Agrabah," "A Whole New World (Aladdin's Theme)," "Proud of Your Boy" (Demo) and "High Adventure" (Demo).

In addition to the soundtrack, Walt Disney Records also will release "Disney's Aladdin Read-Along" on September 28th. The read-along captures the fun of this unforgettable story with an audio CD featuring original cast dialogue and music from the film and a 24-page storybook that allows kids to relive the adventure wherever their magic carpets take them.

On September 28, 2004, Disney's Aladdin Special Edition soundtrack will be available for a suggested CD retail price of $12.98, and Disney's Aladdin Read-Along will be available for a suggested retail price of $5.98. All Walt Disney Records audio products can be ordered by visiting


Well, looks like I'm saving myself $13... I have Music Behind the Magic, and the tracks have all the same stuff there...


Apparently, AOL is advertising now that Nick and Jessica's version of A Whole New World will also be on the soundtrack. ???

That's three different track listings from usually-reputable sources... now, which do we believe?


Got It ;D

- sorry I could not resist -

Regarding "Proud of Your Boy": Patrick Nuo a singer from Switzerland now living in Germany and rather sucessful with the young crowd is said to perform that song for the German language release of the special edition DVD. Strange thing is: rumor(!) has it he is recording an English version, too. I'll keep you updated.
Sharon, we've also got the "original" CD.....Aladdin will always have a special place in my heart, as it was the first Disney animated feature that our son was introduced to on the big screen--and the movie that re-introduced me to the wonders of Disney animation.

As far as the "Special Edition" CD, since we've already been provided with Howard Ashman's demo recording of "Friend Like Me" on The Music Behind the Magic set, what more do we need?

Who is Clay Aiken anyway?

Michael question was just answered......I just saw on the 10 o'clock news that Clay Aiken was rated "sexiest idol".......guess I'd better start idolizing......



... thinking about why Clay Aiken's version may not be included in the Special Edition CD release (if that information will turn out to be correct) I just remembered this: the special edition release of The Lion King included a video of the Disney Channel Stars performing Circle of Life - and that one was not included in the US-release of the special edition CD either (but it was included in the special edition CD released in Germany) ... as it was then released on the Disneymania 2 CD (which by the way has never been released in Germany, so that is why they were willing to include the track on the special edition CD here).

Now this makes me wonder ... might we see something like a Disneymania 3 CD sometime soon (or another Radio Disney Jam) and they might feature the track on that CD??

Hi Dirk, Yes, there is Disneymania 3. Along with this one, the upcoming CD's are Radio Disney Jingle Jams, Disney Channel Hits: Take 1 and Disney's Karaoke Series: Christmas Favourite. -Matt
Wait just a sec, Sharon, we need to clarify something--are we geeks for NOT knowing who Clay Aiken is, or are we NOT geeks for NOT knowing who he is.......these are sure complex times we're livin' in......

Yeah, I know what anthrax is, I know what pin collecting is.......but I DON'T know who Clay Aiken is--I shouldn't be worried??!?

My wife doesn't know who he is either......