Al continues with "Unofficial CDs" topic


I think I know what Al is trying to do: Convince Disney to release more park CD's. Or perhaps not. What I wonder is: if Al realizes that the official CD's and other Disneyland CD's are already being worked on.

I do read as I like to know more than the official line. I have read the pros and cons of Al's fans and detractors. I personally like to read the columns.

Again, I commend the producer of the CD's and the efforts made here. This is a stellar collection for the casual collector. The remixes of extinct attractions are always fun to do and fun to listen to. Indeed, these CD's seem to follow Randy Thorton's concept of releasing attraction and specific event CD's.

While I think this is an early jump on the 50th, I still believe that Disney will out-muscle these with the release of material that has been kept on the shelf far too long.

This is a touchy subject to be sure. And I don't blame those who speak with restraint.


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That's a good question. I also wondered if he knew about the upcoming official Disneyland stuff. It's not like it's not been known. A few other sites had mentioned it before.

My question is once the official stuff comes out, will Al try to take the credit for it by saying that Disney released them because of his posting about unauthorized CD's? He seems to like to do stuff like that even if whatever he's talking about was already in the works before he brought it up.