African Cats Score


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I would just love to see this released. I think Nicholas Hooper is a candidate for most underrated film composer of all time. I absolutely loved his scores to the Harry Potter films. When I first watched African Cats in the theater, I found myself wondering who composed that magnificent main theme. And I was pleasantly surprised to see it was Nicholas Hooper. I liked the music to Earth, and Oceans but it didn't strike me the way the African Cats did. I find it rarer and rarer these days to find memorable and moving themes in movies ironically, in an era where so many great films are being made. It was such a pleasant surprise to find such a wonderful theme in a smaller budget film.

Are there any more Nicholas Hooper fans out there? I'm curious what other members think of his work.


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Pleasant relaxing stuff. Main theme reminded me just a little of Soarin' in mood.
I wonder if it will ever see the light of day. Maybe a hint to Intrada!