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I was in my 30s when I started this thread. Yikes.

Tell me about it! I was in my twenties when I first found this thread, and here I am in my mid-30's still searching 😭

Funny. I can see the playlist just fine. 😂

I am going to make the playlist visible, very shortly, but I am going to present it without links for most of the selections, as I am not 100% confident as to where they were sourced. Guessing just isn't what we like to do here.

Magic Music

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We climb the highest mountains,
just to get a better view.
We plumb the deepest oceans,
because we're daring through and through.
We cross the scorching desert,
martinis in our hand.
We ski the polar ice caps,
in tuxedos looking grand.
We are reckless, brave, and loyal,
and valiant to the end.
If you come in here a stranger,
you will exit as a friend.

The Adventurers Club playlist is now visible for the very first time! Mind blown, right? 🤯

I have been reluctant to post this one for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that it is impossible to recreate without a reference recording. And, if you've got a source or induction recording, there is no point in going any further. This is supposed to be a 1937 broadcast, complete with sounds of scratchy 78 records and tuning static, emitting from a monophonic table top tube radio. If you're planning to put together a collection of remastered multi-channel Dolby Atmos tracks from iTunes, you will be going about this loop horribly, horribly wrong! 😜

Kungaloosh! 😎