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Don't get me wrong, I love the site, and I appreciate every morsel of info put up. I try to help in getting lists to add when I can, but I am still trying to work out just what it is I need to do to get good recordings, and then translate them to put here. Not exactly like there is a how to, on doing this. To make the problem worse, I do not get to WDW as often as I would like, now that I am Alaska. So my trips there are few and far between.

And I have supported the forum, both in Direct donations and in using the referral links when lists are posted. :) I've been a paid member when that was a thing. Heck, I've offered to assist with the website.

None of that doesn't overcome the busy life Jay has, or the behaviors of people like Little Ricky or Davey O.

Boardwalk will be great, (big band is one of my faves as well) But I started inquiring about OKW back in 2010.


A little amazed that A) I posted this 13 years ago and B) it's still on the front page and C) no one has coughed up a playlist in that time?

Magic Music

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A little amazed that A) I posted this 13 years ago and B) it's still on the front page and C) no one has coughed up a playlist in that time?


The playlist is already here, hidden from view, and waiting for me to find the time to finish with the formatting. I know, what a tease, right? :p

I can use everyone's help on one of the tracks, though...

Benny Goodman performing Stardust. It's a particular version that we need to find... one that starts out with him being introduced on a radio program. I've searched high and low and have so far come up empty-handed. :(

Here's a short clip from my induction recording for anyone who wants to dig in... :whistle:


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I cannot get the link to work or my system is blocking it. Is it an issue on my end or has the link died?


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I think I found the track. It's available on the Internet Archive albeit with a not insignificant amount of tape hiss: Niven Jazz Collection: Benny Goodman Tape 13 (1937-1938) : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive (Clip starts at around 5:40 in the track on Side A).

The recording itself is from the November 16, 1937 Camel Caravan broadcast from the Manhattan Room at the Pennsylvania Hotel. I'm having a hard time finding a cleaner-sounding source. There is a better quality recording available from an August 1937 broadcast, but alas no "Stardust".

I had heard that "Stardust" was one of the most widely recorded songs ever but I was not prepared for how many times a single artist could cover the track with different arrangements!


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@Magic Music Do you have the playlist for the Adventurers Club, yet? It's been 3 years. I would like to know for my own Disney Parks' 1930s & 40s Music playlist. It includes Tower of Terror, Sunset Boulevard, Tomorrowland 94, Jungle Cruise, and Indiana Jones Adventure. I would like the Adventurers Club to be a part of that.