Adventureland/DAK ???


Are some of the tracks (or all) from the Flame Tree BBQ, such as 'I already have a husband' & 'Nhamo' also used in MK Adventureland's Bridge?

I have been trying to put my current collection in order and ran across this question.

Any help is appriciated.

Thanks in advance.


Last month I noticed that the first track of the supposed Adventureland Area BGM Loop that has been floating around for a while is also being played near Flame Tree BBQ. I didn't stick around to see what else might be playing in this area, though.

I'm pretty sure I noticed another track from the Adventureland Loop being played just outside Disney's Animal Kingdom entrance one afternoon near the gift shop. That day was a long one, though, and I could be making that part up. :)

Both tracks appear on the Balafon Marimba Ensemble album mentioned in earlier posts on this forum.


At this point, it might also be beneficial to note that the "supposed Adventureland Area BGM Loop that has been floating around for a while" is nothing more than the above-mentioned Balafon CD lumped into one file by an enterprising trader some years back...



Those two tracks are played in both places, actually. I remember noticing that what I walked through DAK once. :)

I just received a set of 6 tracks listed as 'Flame Tree BBQ Area Music'. Tracks 1-4 are new to me but tracks 5 and 6 definitely Balafon. Can anyone ID the other tracks?



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I am working on it. I have a copy of the complete loop, but like all of the other AK loops, it hasn't been easy (for me at least).
An update: after looking a bit more closely, this is what I've been able to piece together of this 6 track, needle-drop set.

Track 1 - 2'52" 'Raghupati', by Jai Uttal
Track 2 - 5'01" 'Aziz Aziz' by Outback
Track 3 - 6'33" 'Baka' by Outback
Track 4 - 4'06" 'Footprints' by Jai Uttal
Track 5 - 4'20" 'I Already Have a Husband' by Balafon (aka the first track of the Adventureland BGM Loop)
Track 6 - 4'04" 'Nhamo' by Balafon

'Raghupati' and 'Footprints' are available on Uttal's album, Footprints, here:

'Baka' is available on Outback's album, Baka, here:

'Aziz Aziz' is available on Outback's album, Dance the Devil Away, here:

And, Balafon's 'Husband' and 'Nhamo' are available on their album, Balfon Marimba Ensemble, here:

Sorry for posting while driving; er, posting while drinking? Well, you understand.

A special thanks to Horizons for his kind comment on the jackskell thread.


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I have one more identified. "Astrae" by Vas from the CD Sunyata.

"Footprints" was one that I had not identified and it doesn't sound familiar to this loop. I will have to check it out.

I have 5 left to identify (the loop is 54:02 long).
Thanks, Horizons, for the 'Astrae' track ID. How many tracks are part of your larger 54'02" loop? Thanks.