Adventure Thru Inner Space music 35th Anniversary!!!

There was a question in a different post about the Lounge version of Miracles from Molecules. That version was never played at the park. That was the B side to the 7" record.
This year marks the 35th Anniversary of the openning of the New Tomorrowland. If you ask me, that was the best Tomorrowland ever. PeopleMover, Carousel of Progress, Flight to the Moon, Submarine Voyage, Autopia, Monorail, Circle-Vision, Rocket Jets, Adventure Thru Inner Space....I mean, 1967 Tomorrowland had it all!
Adventure Thru Inner Space is my favorite of the "extinct" attractions. It had a great soundtrack.
First there was the load area. In this room you'd hear Paul Frees narration along with some music cues and sound effects. Also, you'd hear background chat similar to Space Mountain's. At the same time you'd hear "Mysteries of the Atom" played on top of all that. Mysteries of the Atom was actually written and recorded for the 64-65 World's Fair. It was to be used in the Progressland exibit. It was never heard there.
All these elements played together to create a very cool science/fantasy atmosphere now missing in Tomorrowland. While in the Atomobile (an early version of the Doombuggie) you'd heard Paul Frees narration. The sound effects and music loops played in the rooms themselves. Most of the music was 1 minute loops. Most of these music loops were made up of weird psychedelic sound effects, music in reverse, and tripped out instrumentations. Very cool stuff. You'd exit the ride into the "Miracles from Molecules" exibit. There, the song of the same name played. This is the version of the song found in the forever system ( even thought DLF cut off a sound effect at the end of the song where it would loop). There was also a different version of the song recorded for the exibit that was never used. This consisted of the song intercut with sound effects and background chat. And last, there was the 7" record sold at the park. Side A was a re-edited version of Miracles from Molecules. It edited out the instrumental break and added some sound effects. The B side was the lounge version I mentioned earlier. It's a very cool track that never played at the attraction.
Talking about a music piece that never played at the park: Found at the Forever System are a few music tracks that never played at the park. The Monorail Song was written for the "Magic Highways" TV special. It was then used as background music for the Monorail on TV but never actually played at Disneyland. This same track was re-recorded and used for one of the 64-65 World's Fair projects. Then there is the "Legend of Thunder Mountain" written as a promotional song for the ride Big Thunder Mountain. It was supposed to be released as a single. It was never released until the Forever system. Then there is also the famous classical re-recordings of Disney songs listed as "Club 33" tracks. These tracks were actually recorded for Paris. They were never meant for Club 33 and never played there. There is more but I'm getting away from my subject.
The song Miracles from Molecules was last re-recorded for the Tomorrowland 2055 project that never materialized. You can hear this recording at the Space Mountain Concourse and bathrooms.
Disney should have planned for an Anniversary event for Adventure Thru Inner Space or 67 Tomorrowland.
If anyone has any questions regarding the audio for Inner Space, let me know. Louis
I recall someone telling me once that some of the Adventure Thru Inner Space load chat was later used in the Space Mountain Com Chat audio. I've never listened to it closely to verify, so I was wondering if you knew offhand...

I've also heard that Glenn Barker's voice is one of those in the Inner Space load chat. Do you know if that's true?


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Adventures Thru Inner Space was WAY before my time, but I really wish I had gotten the chance to ride it. It sounds like an awesome ride. I would love to see a video of the attraction, if it even exists. Of course, any ride that features music from the Sherman Bros. HAS to be great! ;D

Thanks for the great info! :)



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I loved Adventures Thru Inner Space as a kid. I have strong memories of it and America Sings. I think Star Tours is a great ride (although in need of an update), but I think Tomorrowland is really missing it's science & technology flair that it used to have with things like Inner Space, Mission to Mars, and such. There's just nothing "tomorrow" about it anymore.

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35th Anniversary?!?! Boy do I feel old now. That is the only Tomorrowland I can remember from Disneyland. I was too young to remember the "Old Tomorrowland" and haven't been to the west coast in years to see the "newer" tomorrowland. I loved Adventures Through Inner Space, but remember as a child having nightmares about it one time thinking that I actually did shrink! Too bad it didn't work that way, I could really use it know. ;)
Hi Jason, I'm not sure who the voice cast for Inner Space was. I might have some info at home.
Regarding the Com chat: The Inner Space Com Chat was never re-used. What you are thinking of is Mission to Mars. The Mission to Mars Com Chat was re-used (and continues to be used) as the Space Mountain Com Chat. Over and Out, Louis