ADDICTS ONLY: Disney Store EXCLUSIVE, SE Lion King soundtrack

Yes. I'm an addict. I still can't completely give up the Disney Store. Our son grew up with "the Mickey Store"--SOMEBODY HELP ME! I don't go there every mall run--an improvement--can't just go cold turkey--but the Haunted Mansion promo sign and those Brother Bear plushes proudly displayed out front just sucked us right in two days ago......

And lo and behold, they actually had something of interest, a special lenticular cover edition of the new Lion King soundtrack with "The Morning Report"--hadn't bought my copy of the soundtrack yet, so I was happy to come upon this one......$15.99......for those of you who still enjoy a walk on the wild side--"....a CD here, and a t-shirt there, the Disney Store is the place where, I said hey babe, take a walk on the wild side....."(compliments and apologies to Mr. Reed).


P. S. They also had a bunch of adult-sized discounted t-shirts--Pirates of the Caribbean(the movie--finally some merchandise!), Finding Nemo(a little late--I never saw them at the time of the movie's release), Lion King, and Brother Bear(discounted??!?--the movie isn't even out yet!)--surprising items--I wouldn't think of asking anyone in the store about the how's and why's though.......

matt d.

Re:ADDICTS ONLY: Target EXCLUSIVE, SE Lion King soundtrack

Hi Michael and everyone else,

Another exclusive release of the Special Edition Lion King CD can be purchased at Target. For the price of the single CD (~$14) you get the Rhythms of the Pridelands CD for free with a special double disk jewel case. Like you, I forked over money for the Disney Store release (doing my small part to keep the store open).

Thought some of you might like to know. :)

matt d.