Academy Promos 2004


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It's that time of year again! Here's what I've managed to find out that Disney has issued (all of these have plain white liners with black text):

Finding Nemo: 39 tracks of score; same as commercial release except without Robbie Williams' "Beyond the Sea" song

Brother Bear: 34 tracks of score (!! :eek: !!) on one cd; "No Way Out" on one cd; "Great Spirits" (tina turner version) on one cd

Pirates of the Carribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl only 7 tracks of score (1. He's A Pirate, 2. The Medallion Calls, 3. Barboss Is Hungary, 4. Blood Ritual, 6. Swords Crossed, 7. Underwater March, 8. One Last Shot) which are all already available on the commercial album
I don't know about that Academy Award CD for Finding Nemo that you listed.... but I have a promo CD that was given to the people who worked on it and this one has 51 tracks! Yes, that wasn't a mistake.... this CD has 51 tracks and it claims to be the COMPLETE score to the film. Also, this CD has artwork. The CD itself, looks like the puffer fish in the tank in the "puffed" stage so it's round like the CD. THe clear base of the CD tray has the same artwork as the official CD exepct that the track titles are listed there. The back of the CD has a "Thank you" note from the directors and producer thanking the "Nemo Crew". THis is one of my favorite CDs to listen to. It does not include the song at the end. See if you can find this one! :)

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Incidentally, I have already seen copies of the Brother Bear promo sell on ebay for $200 and $305. Good grief.

Maybe that's why I've been trying to keep a low profile on ebay as of late, Dr.! Too bad, as Brother Bear's score is definitely one I'd love to hear more of, courtesy of Disney's disregard of the score on the "official" CD release, for whatever reason......maybe the Disney "suits" enjoy following ebay bidding wars.....just a sad loss for music lovers......


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There was also a promo on eBay for THE HAUNTED MANSION score by Mark Mancina. Ten tracks, 19:10 running time. Went for a shockingly low $80.


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To answer my own question, sort of, apparently the oscar promo consists of a single track running approximately 19 minutes -- essentially the entire score presented as a medley.


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The Haunted Mansion score promo's suite is divided into 6 parts, based on the listing on the back cover, and breaksdown as follows:

1) 00:00 - 02:43 Main Title
2) 02:44 - 05:00 Try Again / Rescue / Sara Runs to Jim
3) 05:01 - 09:02 Get Away From Her / Sara Passes Out
4) 09:03 - 13:51 Going to Heaven / Vacation at Last
5) 13:52 - 15:32 Don't You Remember?
6) 15:33 - 19:10 Meeting Leota / Spinning Table

Contact me through e-mail or AIM if you would like to trade for a copy.