About the Cars Soundtrack iTunes Extras...

Rich T

Well, first of all, the soundtrack's great. It delivers a fun collection of songs, plus an amazing, colorful and wonderful score by Randy Newman.

About those extras iTunes offered with the download:

The included music video is *not* the Rascal Flatts video currently being shown in abbreviated form on the Disney Channel. It's basically a two minute promo for the movie in which Rascal Flatts and Brad Paisley discuss their songs' roles in the film. Calling this a "music video" at all is really stretching things.

And the "Digital Booklet" turns out to be an Adobe Acrobat file featuring all the character posters that have been available on Disney's website for weeks.

So, the extras sucked. Good thing the soundtrack's so good it doesn't matter. And iTunes was a convenient way to get it for $9.99

So, a bit o' info for ye all! If you're considering buying Cars through iTunes, do it for the good price on a great album, not the disappointing extras.

- Rich
I picked up the one at Target. It offers an "extended file version" of "Route 66" by John Mayer. It's 8:32 and mainly extended guitar playing. I had hoped to pick up the regular version off iTunes, but they don't sell it there as a single track, only when you buy the complete album. This CD also has an "exclusive 'Making of the Music' video, which I haven't watched yet, just listening to the songs here at work.