A wonderful discovery for jazz, Disney, and Camarata fans

It was delightful to discover that one of Camarata?s most acclaimed compositions is the title of an outstanding big band disc by musician/bandleader Louise Baranger, who counts Tutti as one of her mentors. Adding to the Disney connection is Baranger?s experience as a member of the Disneyland Big Band. (You can find out more about her amazing career at www.trumpetblues.com.)

Written for the landmark Disneyland LP Tutti?s Trumpets, the original ?Trumpeter?s Prayer? was created to showcase the legendary Conrad Gozzo. On the new version, the arrangement?by Tommy Newsome of The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson?allows the string section to carry the melody for a emotional surge. It almost sounds like a classic movie theme. Another selection reprised from Tutti?s Trumpets is ?Boy Meets Horn? (though not written for that LP), of course, revised as ?Girl Meets Horn.?

Born in Hollywood, Baranger played with the best in the business, and enlisted some of them for this album, including trumpet virtuoso Arturo Sandoval. Impressive vocals are performed wonderfully by Gisele Jackson and Frank Sinatra, Jr. Even TV pioneer and prolific composer Steve Allen introduces one of his own songs.

This album is a tour de force for the Baranger band, running the full gamut of musical styles and moods. It?s not just swing and sway, but rock, R&B and even a touch of classical. Tutti surely must have loved it.

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