A ?thank you? to everyone at the discussion and a note to RANDY


Hey fellow Disney fans!

I just want to thank each and every one of you for discussing Disney music, something VERY near and dear to my heart, with me for the past year. I?m taking off for my freshman year of college tomorrow and I don?t know when I will have time to post for a while, but I really wanted to thank you all for sharing your thoughts. Until this year, I have had no one to discuss Disney music with and practically NO ONE my age enjoys the music, so once again, I am so thankful. It?s been a blessing to me and my peace-of-mind.

For those of you churchgoers, please keep me (and all the kids everywhere who are headed off to start school) in your prayers. It?s hard to believe that tonight will be the last night I spend in my own bed!

Until I post again, have a Disney kind of day!

God Bless you all,

PS: Randy- (The person who keeps the Disney legacy going)
I can?t even begin to express how much I enjoy your work. Please keep it up! I want, more than ANYTHING, to be a composer for the Disney theme parks. If you would ever care to hear a sample of the ?Disney? music I have composed and arranged so far, PLEASE let me know and I will send you my demo immediately! I know of no one my age who cares about Disney as much as I do and I truly feel that, IF GIVEN THE CHANCE, I could keep the Disney music legacy going for years to come. Thanks so much!!!

Your biggest fan,