a song to melt the heart. Beautiful and gone.


That is how I feel about many of the songs from Horizons, there is no way I could ever understand how anyone could say mission space as good as or anywhere near the quality Horizons was musically, theming, building design or overall.


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Took the words right out of my mouth. "Space" and "Omnisphere" are my favorite orchestral pieces of all time. :)

Boy, do I miss Horizons. :'(
Agreed. I do love my coasters and exciting rides, but to replace what is essentially Carousel of Progress 2 with a glorified carnival ride is a travesty.

Been listening to the space colony cue for like 3 days now nonstop. Found this one website which is TRULY heartbreaking. I gurantee you WILL cry if you go to this site. It is of the Horizons tragedy. About 600 pictures of itbeing destroyed. Broke my heart bigtime.


Yeah I've seen the site before. The ride was torn down very slowly in probably the most ugly deconstruction viewable by anyone in Disney history only to be replaced with a high tech simulator?
Zackly. I would have preferred if they did the suggested makeover using the same monorail system. Roll your own madness. Less G forces, but a more spacey feel. Sigh.


I loved Horizons and can't stand the fact that it was replaced with a ride that spins and makes people ill. At least make an attraction that is 'thrilling' but not so thrilling that you have to hug a toilet bowl when finished with it. :p

Makes me sad when I see the Mission Space building. And, even though I really enjoy Test Track, I miss World of Motion as well. I don't know, just call me an old softy, but I like those family type rides. Don't get me wrong, I'll freefall on ToT or twist and turn on the RnRC, but it's just not the same experience without my beautifully themed attractions like those two being included in my overall 'experience' at Disney.

EDITED: After checking out the "HORIZONS tragedy" webpage, I decided to check out my DVD on the Horizons history to reminisce a bit. Boy do I miss that attraction. :(