A Second Lilo Sountrack Album

moon pilot

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A report that another Lilo Soundtrack is in the works. It seems that Tia Carrera's song was absent in the first soundtrack and she mentioned to the producer about it. He told her it would be on the second one.

I found this info from this link:


Its the lead story for June 19th. Let's hope its true. Would love to hear some great Hawaiian tunes and the score.

Break the bank Lilo & Stitch!

Ryan Lange


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I figured another CD was in the works when the limited edition Lilo & Stitch CD (currently sold at TDS and the U.S. theme parks) had advertisements that included "Disney's Lilo & Stitch Island Favorites coming ashore in fall 2002!"



Hi Sharon,

I just got the not limited edition of the soudntrack CD and it includes the ad for "Disney's Lilo & Stitch Island Favorites" too.

Unfortunately I fear we won't see much material from the movie on that one, besides (hopefully) Tia Carrera's song. To me the title sugests the kind of "songs inspired by the movie"-CD, which Disney did a few times in the past here in Germany (most recently for Atlantis).



An "inspired by" CD is not necessarily a bad idea. Remember the magnificent Rhythm of the Pride Lands CD? I think a "Hawaiian favorites" album would be great if it's done by the same people and/or with a similar atmosphere as the actual film music.
The Woody's Roundup CD is another good example of music inspired by a film.


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I agree, Dirk, but I also wonder if the CD release in the fall means that they are already planning on releasing Lilo & Stitch to DVD then too? I know they've been getting faster and faster with that stuff.