A sad sign of the times (The Death of Disney Animation)

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For those who have doubted that Disney was winding down it's traditional Animation department, I submit the following memo circulated among it's employees (current and former). While the collector in me is excited about this, the rest of me is thouroughly depressed.

"Hello Everyone,
Here's all of the information for the make-up sale of WDFA Furniture...

The Furniture Sale is open to all employees (and former employees) of
WDFA. This sale is not being extended beyond WDFA California employees
at this time.

The items that are being sold and the prices (including 8.25% sales tax)
for each piece are as follows:
$1299.00 Animation Desk with Disk
$1082.50 Background Desk (no disk)
$54.13 Storyboard (4' x 8')
$54.13 Storyboard (4' x 4')
$64.95 Scene Stacker (6' tall)
$54.13 Scene Stacker (5' tall)
$43.30 Scene Stacker (4' tall)
$43.30 Luxo Lamp

Note: Please keep in mind that no Kem Weber furniture is for sale.

Since this is considered a retail sale, WDFA must charge 8.25% sales tax
for each item.

For those folks that would like to buy their desks but are still working
on the desks they would like purchase, they have the additional option
of placing a $250 deposit on their desk. This deposit is not refundable
and needs to be received by Thursday, January 28th to ensure their desk

Employees can pay with either a personal check or a money order (NO
CASH). The check or money order should be for the exact amount
including sales tax and should be made out to THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY.

The furniture pieces for sale are being sold "as-is" and have all been
used. The pieces selected for the sale will be in the best possible
condition. Each piece will be inspected to ensure that it is complete
and in fine working condition.

Please keep in mind that there is no guarantee that everyone will get
the piece they want as the supply of each item is limited.

The make-up sale will take place on TUESDAY, JANUARY 28th at 10635 Stagg
Street in North Hollywood from 4:00pm to 7:00pm (should you choose to attend this event, you must first check with your APM/Supervisor to get permission to leave work early, and to coordinate when the time will be made up). This is the former P2 facility. Directions to 10635 Stagg Street are at the bottom of this message.

Employees will need to make arrangements to take the furniture with them
OR FOR ANY LENGTH OF TIME. All furniture purchased must be taken away
at the time of sale. The only exception is for desks that are being
purchased by employees that are still in use. However, once these desks
are no longer being used, they also must be taken away as they cannot be
stored by WDFA.
WDFA will have Movers on hand at the sale to assist with the loading of
furniture pieces into vehicles. However, WDFA assumes no responsibility
for damage caused to or by the furniture.

There will be a lottery at 4:00pm to determine the order of furniture selection. The purpose of the lottery is to allow everyone a fair and equal chance at picking out their respective piece(s) of furniture.

Employees will be issued randomly selected numbers. So, if an employee is issued number 1, he or she will be the first one allowed to identify
and select the furniture piece(s) he or she wants. After number 1 has
selected, number 2 will select and so on. This will continue until all
persons have selected their items. Once all of the pieces have been
selected, they will then be loaded into the vehicles in reverse order
(the last person to select an item will be the first to have their piece
loaded, etc.).
Please remind the folks participating in the sale that they may be
required to stay for the duration of the sale. Every effort will be
made to streamline the sale, but in any event, it is best to be prepared
to stay from its entirety.

This will be the last chance for employees to purchase WDFA furniture,
so if someone plans to buy something, this is the time to do it.

If you have any questions, please contact Amy Winslow at (818) 460-8450.

Thank you for your interest,

WDFA Operations "


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Jeez, what does this say to the employees that are currenlty working there?? Somehow, being told I can buy my desk doesn't spell long-term job securty... I suppose they probably saw it coming anyway, but this seems like a big red flag, and like rats leaving a sinking ship, I'm sure everyone is trying to find ways out before the sinking of the "Titanic".

Depressing indeed....