A Quick TTA Question


For many years I assumed that the fairly common audio file I have of the TTA "Now Departing" was from the WDW Forever kiosk. However I was just looking at the list from the Forever System and do not see it listed there. If it didn't come from there does anyone know where it came from? I'd sure love to get all of the spiels from the TTA in clear crisp audio but I suppose thats just wishful thinking.



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No, it didn't come from WDWF. I believe it came from a promo CD of some sort, and just the one track. Nothing else has surfaced yet. I am wishing as well....
Re: A Quick TTA Question -origin

That small clip came from a Disney(run) website back in the mid 1990's. The site allowed visitors to click icons of attractions and they would hear a small audio clip-----most were stuff out there on cd and latter sold on CD on demand, but a handfull were really rare-----like the Tomorrowland Transit Authotity -another one floating around out there is a Space Ship Earth Welcome spiel.