A question about TDR CD's?

I remember I saw a 2-CD set of the Tokyo Disneyland music from 1983-2003 some time ago on cdjapan.com .... but it's not there while I was checking their website today. Does anyone know if it's cancelled or sold out? ??? Thank you. - Matt


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As far as I know it's still on, because I haven't gotten a cancellation notice from CD Japan, but that could change. However it's release date is on the 26th, so it's pretty short notice to cancel it.


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Actually, I just checked and the CD is still being released on the 26th, but the reason you may not have been able to find it is that it's name has been changed to

"Tokyo Disneyland Daytime Entertainment - Parade History", and there are only going to be 13 tracks between the 2 CD's instead of the originally thought 20.

They mention the 1985 Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade and Fantillusion as being on the discs.


Here is the track list of TDL Daytime Entertainment -Parade History -CD.

Disc 1
1. (1983) Tokyo Disneyland Parade (Edited)
2. (1988) Disney Classics on Parade (Edited)
3. (1993) Disney Fantasy on Parade (Edited)
4. (1998) Tokyo Disneyland 15th Anniversary Special Parade "Disney Carnivale"
5. (2003) Tokyo Disneyland 20th Anniversary Disney's Dreams on Parade (Edited)

Disc 2
1. (1991) Disney Party Gras Parade (Edited)
2. (1995) Mickey Mania
3. (1997) Hercules Hero (Edited)
4. (1999) Donald's Super Duck Parade
5. (2000) Disney on Parade/ 100 Years of Magic
6. (2001) Disney's Party Express!
7. (2002) D-Pop Magic!

I also tried to check the track list at AVEX website, but I saw only the song list. Parade titles were not there.