A Note from the Disney Music Convention

Greetings, Just a quick hello!

We have had a great time so far!! Jodi Benson gave a wonderful concert on Friday night. Meeting Marni Nixon was awesome and hearing her tell of working with Tutti Camarata, Bill Lee, Thurl and many of the other singers form the early days was fantastic.

The 2 Disc "Music Behind the Magic" CD was released here on Friday night and has been a quick seller here with evryone getting autographs of Randy Thornton, Stacia martin, Marni, Ginny, Jeff Kurti, etc. Also a Disney pin exclusive to the EMP celebrating the 50 years of WDR is for sale in the gift shop.

Randy will be talking today about the Theme Park albums! Also met Micheal and Patty Silversher (Pig Out, Rock Around the Mouse) who will be performing today.

Last night Greg Ehrbar gave us a presentation about Mouse Tracks and history about WDRs.

All I can say so far is wow!!!
More details to follow....



Ooo, I wonder if anyone can give us a report on what Randy says about the theme park albums. I would love to hear that!!!


Wow, wow, wow. What a great weekend here in Seattle.

The highlights for me were:

- Jodi Benson's performance Friday evening
- Touring the wonderful exhibit
- Greg Ehrbar's Mouse Tracks presentation to the NFFC group Saturday evening that included so many great photos, videos, musical snippets, and anecdotes that weren't actually in the book.
- All of Sunday's presentations with Greg as the moderator:
---- The debut of Rick's theme song / music video
---- Stacia's fascinating almost 2-hour review of Disney album art (tied in with artist biographies and links to other Disney and non-Disney work)
---- Russell Schroeder's "unheard Disney" seminar with Michael Silversher playing so many tunes that never actually made it to Disney films
---- Michael and Patty Silversher reminiscing about their days as one of Disney's most prolific songwriting teams
---- Randy, Stacia and Les Perkins talking about Disney theme park music and playing some neat recordings

This was truly a once-in-a-lifetime event for which I'm thankful I came all the way out to Seattle to experience. I was only sorry that the audience for each event was not filled to capacity.

I want to thank Ken (makeminemusic) for all of the work and planning that he put into this event. I can't say enough about the great time I had and everything that I learned.


WOW, I am jealous! I wish I would have been able to go!

Sounds like tons of fun stuff. If anyone wouldn't mind writing a little blurb on a few things they saw and heard, that would be great. I would love to hear what Randy talked about for theme park albums.
oh, and what did people think of Ricks theme song? I know it had to be awesome!

well, if anyone feels like sharing a few things, feel free. =)