A Musical History of Walt Disney World (ideas)


That's nifty. I'll have to read all the posts later.



Any of the rides :p They're never released heh.

There are Buzz and Winnie the Pooh instrumentals but no ride audio, splash mountain and HM due to the similarities to Disneyland's, and that's about it.

I'm not sure they'll ever release Pan because the voices are clearly not official voices but it'd be fun to have ;)

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Even just instrumentals for Toad and Peter Pan would be cool as the arrangements were so WDW circa 1970s. I have no idea what the music for the Snow White attraction was like.

Hey perhaps narration for 20K can finally be included?!


I'd actually like a show that was in the Disney-MGM Studios, and I know it ain't Disney, but what the hey: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live stage show at the Disney-MGM Studios.



This is like deja vu all over again. Here's a a rough track listing for an idea I was toying with a long time ago. Please, no how comes? or why for's?, because this is thefirst time I've opened this file in six years!!

Disc One - It All Started With A Mouse
Quotes from Walt, Roy O?s dedication speech, maybe Walt?s dedication from Dl. Opening day parade music (76 Trombones), Castle carillon playing When You Wish, etc

Disc Two - Magic Kingdom
?Main Street
Background Music (BM) - 1890?s - 1920?s, Meet Me On Main St, Main St USA
WDW RR narration, train sounds, Station band organ
Dapper Dans
Banjo Kings
Caseys Corner pianist
Sounds of Main St vehicles
Town Square flag retreat
WDW Marching Band morning concert medley
BM - Steeldrum, Calypso
JP & Silver Stars - show medley
Swiss Family - organ music
Jungle Cruise - Skippers narration
POC - Parrots spiel, show narration, Yo Ho, A Pirates Life
Tiki Birds - Show medley
BM - Texas Swing
RR Station sounds
Diamond Horsehoe - Show medley
Big Thunder - Show narration, train sounds
Splash Mountain - Show narration, How Do You Do, Laughing Place, Zip A Dee Doo Dah
Big splash sounds to close
Country Bears - Show medley (All three ?, separate?, combined ?)
Tom Sawyer Island - sounds of ?
?Liberty Square
BM - Early American, Civil War
Riverboat narration and sounds
Fife & Drum Corps
Haunted Mansion - Entrance spiel, show narration, Grim Grinning Ghosts
Hall of Presidents - Show narration & music, Lincoln speech
BM - Songs from the Disney Features not used in attraction themes
Fantasy Faire Stage - 1987 Fantasy Follies, 1988 Totally Minnie,
Sword in the Stone Ceremony
Castle Forecourt - Kids of the Kingdom - 1985 Best of Disney, 1986 15 Years of Magic,
1987 America the Musical, 1990 Disney Mania, 1997 Everydays A Holiday,
Mad Tea Party -
20,000 Leagues - Narration
Mr Toad -
Snow White -
Dumbo -
Carousel -
Its A Small World -
Peter Pan -
Mickey Mouse Revue -
?Mickeys Toontown

BM -
People Mover - Narration
Timekeeper - Narration
TL Stage/Galaxy Palace - 1971 Kids Next Door Show, 1981 - 1987?Disneyworld Is Your
World, 1997 Galaxy Search
Tomorrowland Terrace/Starlite Cafe - Tabasco, Sonny Eclipse
Alien Encounter -
Mission To Mars -
If You Had Wings -
Dream Flight/Take Flight -
Carousel of Progress - Narration, Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow, Now Is The Time
Space Mountain - BM
Speedway -

Magic Kingdom entertainment from the early years -
Main Street - Keystone Kop Quartet 1971, Town Band 1971, Crystal Palace Trio 1971-72
Fire Dept Band 1971,
Adventureland - Safari Band 1971, Adventureland Steel Band 1971
Frontierland - Blue Grass Band 1971, Mariachi Band 1971, Sandy Valley Boys 1974
Liberty Square - Ancients Fife & Drum 1971-1980, Liberty Tree Tavern Singers 1971
Fantasyland - The Pearly Band 1971, The Polka Band 1971, The Briny Boys 1971, Upson Downs Band 1974
Tomorrowland - Tomorrowland Terrace Rock Band 1971

Disc Three - EPCOT
Future World
Entrance Plaza Fanfare
Future World Brass, Future Corps, Jammitors
Spaceship Earth - Narration, Tomorrows Child
Universe of Energy - Narration, Universe of Energy, Energy You Make the World Go Around
Wonders of Life -
Horizons - Narration, New Horizons, Space
World of Motion - Narration, It?s Fun to Be Free
Journey to Imagination - Dreamfinder/Figment Ride Intro, One Little Spark, Makin
Memories, Magic Journeys, We Are Here to Change the World,
The Land - Listen to the Land, Kitchen Cabaret, Food Rocks
Living Seas -
Communicore - The Computer Song
World Showcase
Skylaidiscope, Surprise in the Skies - music?
Canada - Canada, Off Kilter, Caladonia Bagpipes
United Kingdom -
France - Impressions de France, music & narration
Morroco - courtyard music
Japan - Drummers
American Adventure - Voices of Liberty, Fife & Drum Corps, New World Bound, Two
Brothers, Golden Dream
Italy - I Cantanapoli, Rondo Veneziano
Germany - Octoberfest Musikanten
Village Traders - Tam Tams
China - narration from film?
Norway - Maelstrom narration
Mexico - El Rio Del Tempo, Mariachi Cobre

Disc Four - MGM Studios
Crossroads of the World Entrance Music
Hollywood Boulevard BM -
Sunset Boulevard BM - 30?s - 40?s Big Band
A lecture from ?Mom? to clean that plate? (50?s Prime Time)
MGM Show Medley - Now Playing ?89. Hollywood! Hollywood ?91, Dick Tracy ? 90,
Hollywoods Pretty Woman ?91, BATB ?91- , Days of Swine & Roses ?91-93,
Pocahantas ?95, HOND ?96-
Great Movie Ride - narration, BM medley
Indiana Jones -
Backlot Tour - Catastrophe Canyon Sequence
Muppet Vision - Muppet Theme
Tower of Terror - Elevator operator spiel, Twilight Zone music, 30?s - 40?s Big Band
Star Tours - Narration, Droid Rooms,

Disc Five - Animal Kingdom
Oasis Entrance Music
Festival of the Loin King
Jungle Book Show
Safari Village Bands
Harambe - African Lounge
March of the Animals
It?s Tough To Be A Bug -
Countdown to Extinction -
Kilamanjaro Safari -

Disc Six - Disney World After Dark
Electrical Water Pagent
Main Street Electrical Parade
Fantasy In The Sky
Laserphonic Fantasy
Illuminations 25
Sorcery in the Sky
Hoop De Doo - Medley
Polynesian Luau - Medley
Broadway at the Top - Medley

Disc Seven - Sounds of the Resorts
Contemporary -
Polynesian - Hawaiian, Polynesian, South Seas
Fort Wilderness -
Golf Resort/Disney Inn -
Grand Floridian - Ragtime, Dixieland, 20?s Big Band
Caribbean Beach - Steelband, Calypso, Reggae
Port Orleans - Jazz, Dixieland, Louis Armstrong
Dixie Landings - Zydeco, Acadian/Cajun, Stephen Foster
Old Key West - Jimmy Buffett, Belafonte, Steelband, Beauty & the Beat
Swan -
Dolphin -
Beach & Yacht -
All Star Sports - All Star Music -
Wilderness Lodge -
Boardwalk - 30?s - 40?s Swing
Coranado Springs - Marimba, Mariachi, Southwest Indian Flutes & Chants

Disc Eight - Parades
Grand Opening Parade
Magic Kingdom
74 -75 Character Cavalcades,
75 - 76 America On Parade
1978 Mickey Mouse 50th Birthday Parade
1979 Dumbo?s Circus Parade
81- 82 Tencennial Parade
1984 Donald Duck 50th Birthday Parade
85 - 86 Mickey?s Street Party
86 - 87 15th Birthday Parade
87 - 88 All America Parade (Constitution Bi Centennial Parade)
88 - 89 Mickeys All America Birthday Parade
1990 Disney Character Hit Parade (Sing Along Parade)
91 - 94 Surprise Celebration Parade
94 -96 Mickey Mania
96 - 98 Remember the Magic
98 - Disneys Magical Moments Parade
Festival of Nations Parade around WS Lagoon 10/1/82 - ?
Gala Premiere Parade ?Parade of the Stars?
Dinosaurs Live 91 - 92
Aladdins Royal Caravan 92 - ?
Toy Story Parade 1995 - 6/97
Hercules Parade 97 - 98
Mulan Parade 98

Disc Nine - Christmas Around the World
Fantasy Faire - 1991 Miss Minnie?s Country Christmas
Castle Forecourt - 91 A Sparkling Christmas, 92 A Sparkling Christmas Spectacular
Tomorrowland - Mickeys Twas the Night Before Christmas
Jolly Holidays Medley
Candlelight Processional
America Gardens - Holiday Splendor
Disney Village - The Glory and Pageantry of Christmas
World Showcase Holidays Around the World
Beach Club - Captain Hook, Mr Smee & the Crew of the Jolly Roger sing ?Oh Albatross"



That'd be cool!

You forgot the Turtles show in Disney-MGM Studios!! ;)

Frank; you haven't thought much about that list, have you? ;)

For Adventureland, I'd like to have the Sunshine Tree Terrace music, the Tiki pre-show, and anything from the long-closed restaurant that's just to the right as you enter from the hub.

As for Epcot; a comprehensive track listing of the International Gateway Loop would be great.
Bill, do you have a love for the Adventureland Veranda restaurant loop or are you toying with my penchant for long-closed establishments? 8)

Anyway, as a late convert to worshiping at the feet of the mouse, I did not have the pleasure of visiting what is said to have been a lousy restaurant before it shuttered (I missed it by a couple of years). I have been told the music was a mis-mash of Polynesian tunes with an emphasis on Hawaiian steel guitar. Can anyone confirm? As an added bonus, does anyone know if the Polynesian Village resort music loop doubled for the Veranda loop?
Quite true, regarding the culinary offerings the MK provides; what a wasteland.

The Adventureland Veranda is closed but remains in place with nothing else there; I've seen private events held there in the past, something that looked like a kid's party, and photo sessions with characters during hard ticketed events. It's in a bit of an odd location, immediately to the right after you walk across the bridge, easy to overlook, but I'm still surprised they've not done anything with it since it closed in 1994.

Just the thought of a teriyaki pineapple burger with sweet and sour fries convinces me the decision to close it was a good one. At least Aloha Isle remains. Mmmm; Dole Whip. . .