A Musical History Of Epcot Center

Wouldn't it be nice to see one of these on Epcot's 25th Anniversary? I know I would be first in line to buy one. What are some of your thoughts and ideas if a set like this was released?


This is a GREAT idea.There's a lot of unreleased Epcot music. Future World attraction ride-thrus.World Showcase area music. I guess we've been waiting for something like this for a long time.Maybe it will finally be released. :)
That would be a DREAM!!

Don't tease like that though!!

(PSSSST- Randy! You reading this thread??)


LOVE ME some old skool EPCOT CENTER



Wow! That would be OUTSTANDING!! There has been some amazingly great music at Epcot. Much of it isn't even used anymore. It would be great to have a collection of this excellent music in full CD quality.

As far as what goes on it... Here are my picks...

Full ride throughs of Future World Attractions- especially Horizons, Journey into Imagination, and multiple versions of Spaceship Earth.

All Three Epcot Entrance Loops. (These are and were some of the best loops in WDW history)

Innoventions Loop(s)

Music from World Showcase:
Attractions and Live Performers

Illuminations (all versions) and pre-show music.

That's all I can think of now. Add your own list.


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You can count me in on this as well... alot of the Epcot audio holds the biggest Disney memories for me, so this would be a real treat :)


The more I think about this, the more excited I get. Make sure you reply to this thread and let anyone that reads it know that you are interested. I for one would be willing to pay quite a bit for a Musical History of Epcot Center!

I think it would amazing to see one of these for Epcot's 25th Anniversary. Several people that I talk to about WDW always mention Epcot's music- even people that are just casual Disney-goers. There really is a lot of great original music that was composed just for Epcot.

David S.

At the top of my list would be:


* ORIGINAL Journey Into Imagination ride-through and "Sounds Of The Image Works" (original) (such as the Stepping Tones, conducting, etc.)

* Kitchen Kabaret complete soundtrack

* World Of Motion ride-through

* "Bird and the Robot" from Transcenter

* Horizons ride-through

* Spaceship Earth ride-through

* Universe Of Energy ride-through

* Ellen's Energy Adventure - I agree that this score is excellent!

* HISTA score

* Living Seas BGM

* JII with Figment (third version) ride through (but not at the expense of the first version)

* Food Rocks soundtrack (but not at the expense of Kitchen Kabaret)

* all other ride throughs and scores not mentioned

*selections from original Entrance Loop


*El Rio Del Tiempo ride through - one of my top 3 favorite pieces of Epcot music along with original JII ride through and Kitchen Kabaret complete show.

*Maelstrom ride through

* Wonders/Relections Of China score

* selections from World Showcase loops (my favorites so far are Mexico, Germany, Italy, China, and Japan)

* selections from World Showcase performers (my favorite so far is Mariachi Cobre)

* background music currently used in the "Tin Toy Stories" exhibit in the Japan art gallery (does anyone know the name of this piece, I really like it)

* O Canada score

* Impressions De France - although already available on the OA, this should of couse be on there - it's excellent!


* Illuminations



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I think I have enough Epcot music to throw something like this together.

If someone wants to design the CD cover I'd be willing to put as many items on as I have providing I stick with the original music tracks and no live recordings.

Contact me either via email or pm and let me know if you're interested in seeing a prototype.

Of course, there would be no charge for this - the only charge would be providing our time to put it together.

Anyone interested in helping me out?


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I have a prototype done with some of the suggestions above. I tried to find some of the best recordings of what I had. Some turned out to be live, which offered the best sound quality, and others like HISTA pieces were great quality but not all together, so I used them separately.

If someone might like to suggest how I would ZIP these up and post them somewhere, I'll do it.

Here's the run-down of tracks:

Disc 1 - 172 mb, Length: 2 hours, 5 minutes

01 - Entrance Music - 2001.mp3
02 - Entrance Music - 1982.MP3
03 - Spaceship Earth - (1994) - Jeremy Irons.mp3
04 - Spaceship Earth - (1986) - Walter Cronkite.mp3
05 - Innoventions - Area Loop.mp3
06 - Illuminations 1997 Fanfare.mp3
07 - Illuminations 1997.mp3
08 - Illuminations 1998.mp3
09 - Illuminations 25 - Five Minute Warning.mp3
10 - Illuminations 25 - Opening Announcement.mp3
11 - Illuminations 25 - Part 1.mp3
12 - Illuminations 25 - Part 2.mp3
13 - Illuminations 25 - Part 3.mp3
14 - Illuminations 25 - Part 4.mp3
15 - Illuminations - Illuminations 25 - 'Closing Announcement'.mp3
16 - Illuminations 25 - Exit Music.mp3

Disc 2 - Illuminations 25 - Reflections of Earth, 128 mb, 1:08:13
01 - Illuminations - Reflections Of Earth - An Evening At Epcot.mp3

Disc 3 - 310 mb, 3 hours, 19 minutes, 32 seconds (I could split this on to a Disc 4)
01 - Magic Journeys - Audio Master.mp3
02 - Journey into Imagination.mp3
03 - World of Motion - Complete Attraction Ride Through.mp3
04 - Universe Of Energy - Pre-show Music.mp3
05 - Ellen's Energy Adventure - Live Ride Though by Dan Smith.mp3
06 - Honey I Shrunk The Audience - 01 - Awards Show Title.mp3
07 - Honey I Shrunk The Audience - 02 - I Give You.mp3
08 - Honey I Shrunk The Audience - 03 - The Cat.mp3
09 - Honey I Shrunk The Audience - 04 - The Shrinking Machine.mp3
10 - Honey I Shrunk The Audience - 05 - The Theater Ride.mp3
11 - Honey I Shrunk The Audience - 06 - Back To Normal.mp3
12 - Honey I Shrunk The Audience - 07 - Big Problem.mp3
13 - Honey I Shrunk The Audience - 08 - Main Show Spill.mp3
14 - The Living Seas - Interior Area BGM Loop.mp3
15 - Food Rocks - Part 01.mp3
16 - Food Rocks - Part 02.mp3
17 - Food Rocks - Part 03.mp3
18 - Food Rocks - Part 04.mp3
19 - Food Rocks - Part 05.mp3
20 - Food Rocks - Part 06.mp3
21 - Food Rocks - Part 07.mp3
22 - Food Rocks - Part 08.mp3
23 - Food Rocks - Part 09.mp3
24 - Food Rocks - Part 10.mp3
25 - Food Rocks - Part 11.mp3
26 - Food Rocks - Part 12.mp3
27 - Food Rocks - Part 13.mp3
28 - Kitchen Kabaret Pre-Show Music.mp3
29 - Kitchen Kabaret - 'Full Show - Live'.mp3
30 - Kitchen Kabaret - Unload Music.mp3
31 - Epcot - El Rio Del Tiempo.mp3
32 - Wonders of China.mp3
33 - O Canada - Full Show Live - by Dan Smith.mp3



That all sounds great. Try posting it at Disney Central Torrents. Also, you could post it in the newsgroups. alt.binaries.multimedia.disney.parks (I think)

Is your 1986 Spaceship Earth a recording or source?


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Unfortunately it's a live recording, not a source recording, though I've been everywhere in search of the source audio. Still, it sounds OK.

I have access to all of the resources you mentioned, but I hadn't considered Disney Central Torrents. Might be nice to get it out there and being shared among the MP3 community instead of having to serve 50 million requests for this off my own server.

I want to do a bit of revision on this first, and I added 1 more track - the source audio from Impressions de France. I'll probably make it into 4 CDs instead of the three you see here, and I'd like to get clean(er) copies of Food Rocks and Kitchen Kabaret in a single file if I can find them.

Watch here for details.



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Hi John,

See, this is all new to me. I didn't know I should keep the length to an hour and 20 minutes or less. I will be breaking them up into discs about that long, each, if I can.

Thanks for the tip.



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I'm changing the order a bit and adding a few more tracks. I'm on Disc #4 now, and I'm really trying to see what I can weed out... it's hard when there's so much great music from Epcot! I'll be posting the URL soon.