A Musical History of Disneyland: The Facts

A Musical History of Disneyland ? The Facts

With the recent posts detailing the "Selected Track Montage" that I did as a promo for the set, I figured it's about time to break the news. Below you will find a description of "A Musical History of Disneyland" as well as the playlist. Who ever deciphered the Montage did a pretty good job, but it left you all asking more questions. I hope that I will be able to answer your questions with the following text. To borrow an old Read Along phrase —

Let's begin now —

"A Musical History of Disneyland" is the largest and most elaborate boxed set I have ever produced. I have maxed out just about every disc with each averaging between 75 and 80 minutes. All told, it clocks in at 7 hours 41 minutes and 52 seconds. No expense was spared in bringing you the best sound possible. Nearly every track was built and restored expressly for this set.

The book, "The Sounds of Disneyland" is a 12x12 fully illustrated 72 page cloth covered hard-cover book — written by Stacia Martin and art directed by Bruce Gordon. Beyond Stacia's fascinating text, Bruce created a layout overflowing with pictures that I'm sure many of you have never seen before. It's truly stunning!!

After a brief window of exclusivity (until September 2005) the boxed set (minus the vinyl) will be available Nationally. Suggested retail is $125 (with and without the vinyl). I believe this price to be an incredible bargain!!!

Though the press release posted on this site earlier mentioned that it is a Limited Edition, it only means that the set with the vinyl is Limited to 5000 units and will be available at Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and Disney Direct. That is all.

And you did read correctly! This set will be available at Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and Disney Direct. I personally suggest that you order from Disney Direct the week of April 25 to insure that you have the best chances of being in those first 5000 orders so you may get the vinyl.

Here's what's on it —


DISC ONE (1:19:51)
1. Walt Disney's Dedication of Disneyland (July 17th, 1955)
2. All Aboard — Main Street Station
3. Minnie's Yoo Hoo! (Saxophone Quartet) — Main Street
4. Meet Me Down on Main Street (The Melomen) — Main Street
* The Sounds of the Main Street Fire Truck
5. Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln — Main Street Opera House
6. Disney Medley (Disneyland Band) — Main Street
* The Sounds of Main Street's Horse-drawn Carriage
7. Alexander's Ragtime Band (Rod Miller) — Coke Corner
8. Let's Dance at Disneyland (The Elliott Brothers) — Plaza Gardens
* The Sounds of Adventureland
9. Tiki Room Barker Bird — Adventureland Entrance
10. The Enchanted Tiki Room Garden Show — The Enchanted Tiki Room
11. Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room
* The Sounds of the Jungle Cruise
12. Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye
* The Sounds of the Jungle
13. Swisskapolka — Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse
14. Tarzan's Treehouse — Tarzan's Treehouse
* The Sounds of the Mark Twain River Boat
15. The Mark Twain Riverboat
16. Pirates of the Caribbean
17. Feed the Birds — Club 33
18. Love Is a Song — The Disney Gallery
19. Frontierland Station

DISC TWO (1:13:33)
1. Happy Rag — New Orleans Square
2. The Haunted Mansion
3. Rufus — Bear Country
4. Bearless Love — Bear Country
5. Country Bear Jamboree
6. All I Want — Critter Country
* The Sounds of Splash Mountain
7. Splash Mountain
8. Country Bear Vacation Hoedown
9. The Rain, Rain, Rain Came Down, Down, Down — Critter Country
10. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

DISC THREE (1:13:28)
1. Battle Cry of Freedom — The Blockade House
2. A Cowboy Needs a Horse — Frontierland
3. Mine Train Through Nature—s Wonderland and the Rainbow Caverns
4. All Aboard the Mine Train — Frontierland
5. The Golden Horseshoe Revue
6. The Columbia Sailing Ship
7. When You Wish Upon a Star — Sleeping Beauty Castle
8. Once Upon a Dream — King Arthur's Carousel
9. Fantasyland Darkride Suite — Pinocchio, Peter Pan, Mr. Toad, Alice in Wonderland
10. Matterhorn Yodelers — The Matterhorn Bobsleds
* The Sounds of the Matterhorn

DISC FOUR (1:19:32)
1. It's a Small World
2. The Sound of Toons — Toontown
3. Steamboat Willie — Toontown
4. Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin
5. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Medley — 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Exhibit
6. Amercia the Beautiful — CircleVision
* Sounds of the Monorail
7. The Monorail Song — Disneyland Monorail
8. Adventure Thru Inner-Space
9. Miracles from Molecules — Adventure Thru Inner-Space
10. Star Tours
11. The Carousel of Progress
12. Progress City

DISC FIVE (1:15:35)
1. Nation on Wheels — The Peoplemover
2. Flight to the Moon
3. America Sings
* The Sounds of the Autopia
4. Submarine Voyage Thru Liquid Space
* The Sounds of Space Mountain
5. Space Mountain
* The Sounds of the Astro-Blasters
6. Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters
7. Space Mountain (New Daytime Track)
8. Remember Dreams Come True — Fireworks Spectacular
9. Closing

DISC SIX (1:19:51)
1. Country Bear Holiday Show
2. It's a Small World Holiday
3. Haunted Mansion Holiday (Premiere Edition)
4. The Main Street Electrical Parade
5. Fantasmic!

Well, after over 10 months in labor, this massive project is done. I hope that you will find the boxed set worthy of the Magnificent Landmark it's meant to represent, and that all those warm feelings Walt built into the Happiest Place On Earth manage to spill into your homes through all the ones and zeros encoded onto each disc!

Your Friend,

Randy Thornton
Senior Producer
Walt Disney Records



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Re:A Musical History of Disneyland ? The Facts

THANK YOU. Mrs. Krock is pleased to know that many of her guesses were correct, and I'm thrilled to have an "official" answer to give to our readers.



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Re:A Musical History of Disneyland ? The Facts

Randy, now that the cd has been announced were their any songs that you planned on putting in the album that had to be cut due to time, budget, etc. If so Which ones?
Did you ever think about/or planning on putting in the music for the great past parades and putting that with parade of dreams, and all the great parades like lion king, aladdin, totally minnie (from the '80's), does the disney company even have archives of this music usable for a cd? and is the totally minnie song that is on the album "totally minnie" is that the same as the parade song totally minnie.

Thanks for the great albums


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Re:A Musical History of Disneyland – The Facts

Randy -
Once again I have to say that it has been worth the wait for this official tracklisting after months of debate about what would be on it. It looks like it will be an amazing set.
A couple of questions:
First - are the Attraction pieces complete flow-thrus or just a taste of?
Second - was there ever a consideration to add shows or parades to the set or to any future discs?
Thanks in advance and thank you for all of your hard work.


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Re:A Musical History of Disneyland – The Facts

Randy -
Sorry - one more question - why is there no Parade of Dreams track on either the 6 disc or 2 disc set? Is it not going to be available? Or will it be available at a later date?

matt d.

Re:A Musical History of Disneyland ? The Facts

Wow! Randy, you are the man! ;)

It's like Christmas morning cubed.

matt d.
Re:A Musical History of Disneyland ? The Facts

Whew--finally, Randy! I'm printing this out--it'll give me something to pour over(as if I haven't brought enough reading and listening material already) during our trip to WDW which begins TOMORROW!!! This long-awaited news is a nice way to kick off the journey!



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Re:A Musical History of Disneyland ? The Facts

Awesome. Thanks for the track list.

What day will this be available in Disneyland park? Monday the 25th? I plan to purchase it there, rather than calling Delivears/DisneyDirect.

X-S Tech

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Re:A Musical History of Disneyland ? The Facts

It should be at the Park May 3rd. The only consideration would be if DL decides to hold onto it until the Celebrity/Press day, May 4th, or the official Kick off, May 5th. But my money's on the 3rd.

The ordering date of April 25th is probably just so that you recieve it close to May 3rd.


Re:A Musical History of Disneyland ? The Facts


is there any plans to release the Parade of Dreams music and Block party music on cd?

why were they not included in any of these sets?

I so desperately was looking forward to having those.
Not to say that what you have done so far isn't great, I thanks so much for what you have done. I know it is going to be great.
Re:A Musical History of Disneyland ? The Facts

HOW EXCITING! This box set is just the best thing ever to come out from WALT DISNEY RECORDS!. I am so excited to hear all the material on the set. Randy i really do appreciate your hard work and dedication for disney music fans your terrific. Now we can own a piece of the 50th that will make you "remember" all those wonderful memories and music from Disneyland. YAY. However i was kinda disapointed that there were no other anniversary songs like the 25th,30th,40th? those were landmarks! What about past parades and shows? And no Walt Disney's Parade of Dreams? and Block Party? the music is just spectacular i heard the music at Cast Blast and i thought it was just spectacular!. What a shame if it's not on the set! AHHHH! The song "Welcome" does justice to the parade!. Oh i hope it gets released The music is great and needs to be on the set! please please please! The set is so incomplete without those tracks!.

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Re:A Musical History of Disneyland ? The Facts


As for "how could you leave this out or that out"....are you kidding? Do you know how much Audio has played throughout the Park in 50 years? To include every Anniversary Theme Song? I mean, we can all think of that special musical selection that we would really love to have included, but to go so far as to say that this set is INCOMPLETE? Believe me, if this set is incomplete, it's not because the song "40 Years of Adventure" was omitted.

I hope I speak for everyone when I tell Randy, that all we're all more than grateful for all of the work that you do to get the fans what they want to hear, and that any comments that suggest otherwise are simply the "what if's" that you get with any absolutely obsessed fan base; namely, we love everything we get and it's never enough.

Thanks Randy


Re:A Musical History of Disneyland ? The Facts

WOW ... great!!

I am so looking forward to get my hands on the CD-set! Incredible material!!

I just hope that somehow I manage to get a copy with the vinyl.

The one thing that I do not fully understand yet is, whether we can order as of April 25th or whether we have to have ordered by that date due to the wording of the press release to actually have a chance to get the limited edition of the CD-set.



Re:A Musical History of Disneyland ? The Facts

Well, for the record, I never meant to imply that i was ungrateful or not thankful for what we are actually getting.

Randy, we are all truly grateful for all the incredible hard work you have done. All of these cds are incredible, no doubt.

But (there's that but), I would have loved to have the two new parades' music on cd. I hope that they will be available sometime in the future. ;) ;)
Re:A Musical History of Disneyland ? The Facts

Randy, I have some questions regarding this set:

1) Will the credits inside include credits of the actors did the voices for the various attractions/tracks?

2) Will the "Splash Mountain" track include the "Take Me Along" gator's lyrics? Your previous DL Splash mixes aren't the same without that gator...and it's one of my favorite parts of DL's Splash soundtrack.


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Re:A Musical History of Disneyland – The Facts

Thanks, Randy!

This really seems to be a fully packed set! I know you had to leave quite a bit out, but boy, you sure did cram all you could onto the availible disc space. For that, I am gratefull! I have lots of questions about the tracks, but I suppose it's pointless to ask them, since in a few weeks, I'll have the answers to my questions.

This set beats Tokyo Disneyland's "Treasures of Fantasy" hands down! Sure, that set was 10 discs, but not all of them were filled to capacity, and most of the material was shows & parades (not that that's a bad thing). Thanks for all the effort you and everyone else put into this Disneyland set.

There are a couple of questions I can ask right now though that won't be answered by me listening to the set.

First, as several others have asked already. Do you know if Disneyland plans to release the music from "Walt Disney's Parade of Dreams" and "Block Party Bash" at some point? I'd love to have those on CD.

Second, will the 2 disc "Happiest Homecoming on Earth" album, will we be able to order that from DisneyDirect.com also? I'm asking because I'd like to order everything at the same time, from the same place.

Thanks for answering this if you can, Randy.

Ben C.