A Musical History of Disneyland - IMPORTANT NEWS!!


Needless to say, we (by that I mean Walt Disney Records, Disneyland, and especially DisneyDirect) were taken by surprise by the incredible response to ?A Musical History of Disneyland? on DisneyDirect over the past day or so. We all knew it would be a hit, but such a hit ? no one could predict.

In light of this, we have adapted to the situation. With the Limited Edition selling so quickly, we realized that it could sell out within the first few days of release (perhaps before 5.5.05). As of now Disneyland and Walt Disney World still have a few copies of the Limited Edition with DisneyDirect either sold out or very close to it. So, in order to meet demand and still maintain the exclusivity of the Limited Edition, we have decided to make available a Special Edition.

This Special Edition is NOT NUMBERED and will also include the ?Walt Disney Takes You to Disneyland? vinyl ? with the vinyl itself pressed in standard black vinyl. This Special Edition will exclusive to Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and Disney Direct. So once the 5000 copies of the Limited Edition are gone, you will be able to purchase the Special Edition UN-NUMBERED, with BLACK VINYL at the same price.

I also noticed across many of the discussion boards on the net, that there is a bit of confusion regarding the packaging and contents of these different versions. Let me set the straight ? ALL of the sets for ?A Musical History of Disneyland? come in a red cloth covered box with a 72 page hard back cloth covered book, and a hard back cloth covered CD holder. The packaging does not change!

Here is an easy break down ?


Limited to 5,000 copies. Available exclusively at Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and DisneyDirect while supplies last.
? Red Cloth Covered Box
? Numbered (5,000 units ONLY)
? Reproduction of ?Walt Disney Takes You to Disneyland? pressed in GOLDEN Vinyl
? 72 Page Hard Back Cloth Covered Book
? Hard Back Cloth Covered CD Holder

Open Ended edition. Available exclusively at Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and DisneyDirect. More will be made if necessary.
? Red Cloth Covered Box
? This edition is NOT NUMBERED.
? Reproduction of ?Walt Disney Takes You to Disneyland? pressed in Standard BLACK Vinyl
? 72 Page Hard Back Cloth Covered Book
? Hard Back Cloth Covered CD Holder

Open Ended edition. Available Nation Wide September 2005
? Red Cloth Covered Box
? 72 Page Hard Back Cloth Covered Book
? Hard Back Cloth Covered CD Holder

Thank you all for such a great response!!! And for those who fell they have missed out to get the ?Walt Disney Takes You to Disneyland? reproduction, you still can. The Special Edition will be available, as I said, at Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and DisneyDirect for the entire celebration!!

I believe that this solution (creating the SE) in no way diminishes the exclusivity of the Limited Edition ? for there still will be only 5,000 numbered Limited Editions with the golden vinyl and that?s it.

Once again, thank you all for your enthusiasm and I hope you enjoy your copy of ?A Musical History of Disneyland?.

Randy Thornton

PS ? The 2 Disc sets of both the Official album of The Disneyland Resort and The Walt Disney World Resort are exclusive to their respective resorts. Only the single disc national release is available at Amazon.
Randy, it's enough that you do incredible work and keep us informed on this board. You have gone above and beyond with this news. Of course, some people will still HAVE to have the Gold Vinyl. But you know what? Being able to get the black vinyl will put a damper on the sale price on Ebay. I know I wouldn't dream of paying a nickle more just to get the gold record when I could just as easily have the black vinyl. And I am much more likely to get a second set specifically in BLACK VINYL to archive for my children. Well done. We can now have our cake, eat it and not have to feel guilty! This is wonderful news.
Gosh, for some reason, the black vinyl sounds more appealing to me now. It sounds practical. Given the choice, a gold record is more like one you frame, not put a needle too. That's what black's for. Tho' I remember playing my blue vinyl Moody Blue album as a teenager. So I guess I'll get over it.

Thanks for the effort and consideration, Randy.


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Im glad more people can get the vinyl, I know I will never open mine up from the plastic it came it, so I will basically never see the color it is.


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Thanks for the great job you and your co-workers do. You have gone above and beyond in making sure everyone gets an equal share for your work. I only hope everything goes smooth for the 50th collectables that go onsale, this coming week.



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Thank you Randy! Yesterday was a pretty crazy day. I could tell the castmembers at Disney Direct and at DelivEars were getting A LOT of calls.


Anyone know if the item number for this special edition at disneydirect will be different.It says 61499 is unavailable. Thanks for the help.


Thanks for the heads up, Randy. I hope the marketing gurus know not to assess future demand solely by the onslaught of us loonies clamboring to get the limited edtition set when it first went on sale. The general public weren't the ones clogging up DisneyDirect's phones. I'll bet my donut hole collection that ebay had as much to do with the demand as anything. I'll be interested to see if those ebay folks are able to get what they're expecting for their merchandise.

Something for everyone to consider . . . I can name cases where the second issue of an album turned out to be MORE valuable than the "collector's item" version because everybody who bought it bought the collector's item.

One such case: the Partridge Family Christmas Card LP. The original LP had an actual Christmas card in an envelope attached to the cover. It's as common as dirt. Then they reissued it with the card just printed on the cover. That version didn't sell nearly as well, and is worth more.

Another case--Elvis's "Moody Blue" LP. It was first released in a "limited edition" blue vinyl, but Elvis died right as RCA was switching to regular black vinyl. So they switched back. Result: The "non-limited" black vinyl edition is terribly rare and valuable, while the blue vinyl is everywhere.

Second-guessing the collector's market, especially when it comes to records, can be hazardous. That's why I like collecting records so much . . . it's the one collectible thing that the suits never did quite figure out how to make collector's items on purpose. If it says "collector's item" on the package, it probably isn't. Sure there are limited editions that have appreciated in value, but all the REALLY valuable stuff is just regular releases and promos that just *happen* to be absurdly rare relative to demand because nobody bought them when they were available.


And now the dorky record-collector question: What color is the label on that gold vinyl LP? Red? Purple? Yellow? A mauvey shade of pinky-russett?



A great big THANK YOU to you, Randy, and everybody else involved in this decision!

This is a great opportunity for all those fans who learn to late about the limited edition of the set and thanks to the e-bay-vultures can't afford to get one of the few copies that will be left soon.

... and yes, I am thinking about buying a "special edition" set too now ...

still I think in the future it would be great if DisneyDirect would impose a limitation on sets that can be bought. There are still ways to improve the sales even with limitations in place. E.g. this time it would have been / would be a great idea to offer everyone buying the set to order a copy of Walt's narration on a on-demand CD! I do not own that CD yet and surely would have bought it and think many other fans would have bought it right along too as the number of households with record player is not that big.



has anyone ever noticed that the music form the adventure thru inner space track on the a musical history of disneyland disc 4 in the beginning is the same music used in the theater I film about the dinosaurs at the old universe of energy attraction?

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Ok, my answer is gleaned from years of following this board, so if I get any of the details wrong here, someone speak up.

Actually I believe that they are only similar WDWGuy. They were both composed by Buddy Baker and he seems to use that descending note riff over and over in his work. The original TDS Sinbad had almost an identical piece in it. There's also a piece composed for the NYWF Progressland pavillion called "Mysteries of the Atom" which used this riff and for years everyone thought it was also the underscore for the Universe of Energy Preshow. However I believe it was ultimately determined that they were two different pieces of music.


man did you really have to bring back this thread and make me think Randy had made some big announcement about some new musical history set?


The "Mysteries of the Atom" track wasn't used during the preshow Radok film (the audio from the film obviously proves this). If it was used in the attraction at all, it was used right before you move into the dino section.