A Musical History of Disneyland - 6 Minute Musical Sample



Hey folks, I honestly don't know if this link has been posted on another thread or not; but here's a link to a 6 minute musical sample of The Musical History of Disneyland Box Set......


the following playlist was listed as part of another thread without a link to the sample for it.......

Walt Disney's opening day dedication
DLRR spiel
Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln
Ragtime music
"Let's Dance at Disneyland" (From Date Night at Disneyland)
Tiki Room attraction narration and music
Jungle Cruise sounds
Tarzan Treehouse attraction music
Mark Twain narration
Pirates of the Caribbean attraction music
Feed the Birds (instrumental)
Morse code from NOS RR station
Dixieland music
Haunted Mansion attraction music
Roofus sleeping
Banjo area music
Country Bear Jamboree
Splash Mountain attraction music
Country Bear Vacation Hoedown
Pooh (instrumental)
Rainbow Caverns
Big Thunder
Golden Horseshoe (Overture: Hello Everybody)
Proud Columbia Spiel
Once Upon a Dream/Carrousel loop
Peter Pan attraction music
Mr. Toad attraction music
Matterhorn safety spiel and attraction music
"it's a small world"
Toontown sounds
Roger Rabbit attraction music
Adventures in Inner Space attraction narration and music
Miracles from Molecules
Star Tours attraction narration and music
Carrousel of Progress attraction narration and music
People Mover attraction narration and music
Rocket to the Moon attraction narration and music
America Sings attraction narration and music
Submarine Voyage attraction narration and music
Space Mountain (Dick Dale)
Tomorrowland area music
Remember... narration with Julie Andrews
Country Bear Christmas show
IASW holiday attraction music
Haunted Mansion Holiday attraction narration and music
Main Street Electrical Parade
Fantasmic! (Some Imagination, huh?)
Disneyland closing announcement (Disneyland has now ended it's operating day)


This is sooooo cool! I didn't hear any "Remember...Dreams Come True" though.


Just to put you at ease, the 6 minute audio clip that appears on the Walt Disney Records site is a mistake. What is playing now is a mock-up that I did when I proposed the set to the WDR staff. I had built an entire mock-up using sounds that I had collected to build out the set ? to see how big the set was going to be. When I found that it was going to be over 7 hours long, I realized that it would be unreasonable for any of the bosses to spend that much time listening, so I created a little montage. That little montage is what sold everyone on the set. After I went to WDI and rebuilt and restored all of the tracks for the set, I created a new montatge with all of the restored elements. Unfortunately, it was the mock-up that was sent to our Disney On-Line partners. So what you've been hearing is a mock up that I did well over a year ago and does not reflect some content or the quality of the new restored and remastered tracks. Within the next day or so, the new montage will be uploaded with all of the clean new tracks.

Randy Thornton

I think this comment from Randy explains everything.


Its back!