A Few Disney Music Questions


Question #1 - I am sure many of you have heard the "Ballad Of Thunder Mountain" song which basically tells the story of the ride. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this song, where it came from, who sings it and is it ever played at any of the Disney theme Parks?

Question #2 - I am putting together a WDW Unofficial album for myself and am looking for something to use for space mountain. Anyone who has been on the WDW ride lately, let me know what if anything is playing in the que exit etc. I know there have been posts about this before but they were a long time ago and I wanted current info.

Thanks for your help.



I can only tell you what I know to question #1: The Ballad of Thunder Mountain: I don't know who performs this, but I believe it was comitioned by Disney for the marketing of Big Thunder. There was the intent of releasing it as a 7" single when the attraction first opened, but nothing came of it. When the Imagineering vaults were being looked-through for tracks to use for the old Disneyland Forever system, they came across the masters. I believe there was something like 4 different takes. They released this song on the old system and that is how most poeple know it. I'm not sure if it was ever used for TV or radio commercials. Maybe Tony Baxter might know...
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