A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes

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On the day of the 55th Anniversary, there was a special "moment" (referred to by some as a flash mob) that took place at 4:15 in town square. It mainly involved a whole bunch of characters and Cast Members performing some choreography to music.

The music was a version of A Dream is a Wish Your Heart makes, one I've not heard before. I own most of the Disney dance/remix CDs from the US and Japan, and I had been looking for a version of this song. I pulled out my iPhone and caught the end of it:


Can anyone identify the performer/album?


It sounded like they just made a remix of the Steps in Time version that they have to use at -every- special event ever to happen at Disneyland that I've been sick of it since 2004 =P. On the one hand, at least they remixed it I guess. On the other hand, ugh. We get it Disney you're hip fine, new song please.