"A Day at Disneyland" LP

I was looking up the site that I found the entire LP of "A Day at Disneyland". This was from the Sorcerer's Workshop website, thanks to one of the people who found this LP a rare gem. This LP is a lot better than the first one back in 1956 when Disneyland released its first LP based on a popular theme park.

As for the LP "A Day at Disneyland", it is an updated version of the first LP "Walt Disney Takes You to Disneyland: A Musical Tour of the Magic Kingdom". It was released as Disneyland ST-3901 and it was the very first story LP in the ST-3900 series. It features new narration by Jiminy Cricket (played by Cliff Edwards). This LP is rare and it was from 1958, just two years after the first LP was released.

This LP was not available on CD at all, if you have "The Musical History of Disneyland" 6-CD boxed set that comes with a special vinyl from 1956, you'll not be hearing Jiminy's voice on the record. I have just CD of the original 1956 LP instead of vinyl, but no Jiminy Cricket's voice there.

If you want to hear the entire LP, here it is.



Although I do like this version, I tend to prefer the original LP because I really like the musical score, and it's not being interrupted by Cliff Edwards' narration.
This LP, "A Day at Disneyland", was originally released as a "Jiminy Cricket Storyteller", intended for children, in summer 1957, before the start of the "Round Cover" Storytellers. It was a "triple gatefold" album which opened from the right as well as the left, and the illustrations and captions were printed on these three panels. The only other triple gatefold LP released at this time was Cinderella (ST-2001), which was in a 10" LP format. R. Michael Murray states in his book "The Golden Age of Walt Disney Records" that Disney planned to issue a series of triple gatefold "Silly Symphony" LPs, but they were never released.
When "A Day at Disneyland" was rereleased in the "Round Cover" format the color pictures and captions were reproduced on an inner booklet, like the rest of the Storyteller Round Cover series.
A photo of the original cover can be found in the book "Mouse Tracks" on page 29.
Thanks for the info. "A Day at Disneyland" was the first story LP on Disneyland when it was released as ST-3901. The was no die-cut "Magic Mirror" series until ST-3903 in 1960 where Disneyland released another story LP "Bambi" which was the first of many LP's to use the die-cut "Magic Mirror" on the cover. Some of the round cover LP's can be found somewhere. "Cinderella" was originally released as a "Jiminy Cricket Storyteller" LP released as ST-3908 on the Disneyland label in one of the round cover LP's. Jiminy Cricket was the narrator for this LP. Where it was later released as a die-cut "Magic Mirror" LP, it was narrated by Ginny Tyler where she dubbed as a "Disneyland Storyteller". Some of the Jiminy Cricket references was heard on a later album.

I've never heard that Disneyland put out a 10" LP before. There are other Disneyland LP's that are originally on the "round cover" format.

"Snow White" was narrated by Annette Funicello, "Bambi" was narrated by Jimmie Dodd, "Alice in Wonderland" narrated by Darlene Gillespie, "Pinocchio" and "Cinderella" both narrated by Jiminy Cricket and "Peter Pan" which was narrated by Jimmie Dodd. In the "Magic Mirror" LP's, all of the LP's (except "Pinocchio") was narrated by Ginny Tyler, the "Disneyland Storyteller". Ginny also narrated the story of "Lady and the Tramp", "Babes in Toyland" and "101 Dalmatians" on later albums.


The information about the Cinderella LP being in the 10" format came from Michael Murray's book. I don't own it so I can't verify if it's true.
And let's not forget Dumbo(ST-3904), narrated by the voice of Timothy Mouse himself, Ed Brophy.
Some of these Round Cover LP's are harder to find than others. I have all of them except Pinnochio(ST-3905), Alice in Wonderland(ST-3909) and Peter Pan (ST-3910). I'm assuming these three are a little rarer than the others because I've yet to come across them. Well, the search is half the fun, I guess. :-