"A Change in Me"?


I had a question about the song "A Change in Me." Since it is a more recent addition to the Broadway BatB, it isn't on the Original Cast Recording. Has there ever been an official release of it? I've heard the version on the "On the Record" CD, but I'm thinking more along the lines of a single than part of a larger medley.
Susan Egan (the original broadway Belle) recorded it on her album "So Far..."


so if you wanna create your own copy of the broadway cast recording, you can add it in there and make a complete recording! :)


Posted by: Disneymagic022 Posted on: April 22, 2005, 10:03:36 AM
The On The Record version is FANTASTIC her voice is perfect for that song.

I COMPLETELY agree! I wonder if they'll ever offer her the part of Belle in the future? In reviews I have read about "on the record" on stage and CD, she has gotten wonderful notices about her voice. I concur!
Can't wait to see her live on stage! :)



Hooray! Thanks for that link, Tommy! :)

I agree, the version on the On the Record album was gorgeous. She had a very "Belle-ish" voice! :)
"So Far" is very nice, Kirsten--I found out about it from a post a few years ago right here! I've got to "dust it off" and listen to it again, while I'm waiting for the Disneyland set to arrrive!

I also just checked Susan's website--looks like she's got a new CD out, "Coffee House," which includes "I Can't Believe My Heart," a song cut from "Hercules"--hopefully another lost gem like "Change in Me"! Here's the link:



P. S. A nice "companion" to "So Far" is Judy(Pocahontas)Kuhn's "Just in Time--Judy Kuhn Sings Jule Styne"; I actually like Judy's voice better.....
Ashley is fantastic in the show. If you have the CD, you know she gets to sing Part of Your World and Reflection pretty much straightforward version. During the show, with those 2 numbers and A Change in Me, she "brought the house down," as they say.

She would be a natural for Belle, as well.
.......me, too, Kirsten! I DID pull out "So Far" yesterday; "Change in Me" is really a great song--it must've been difficult to decide to drop it from the play. Glad Susan finally got a chance to sing it for us. I also love her exuberence on "A Wonderful Guy"; I read a while back that when Mary Martin was originally performing the song for Richard Rogers, that she started doing cartwheels to help make her point!

in a previous post, I mentioned how Ashley Brown with the phenominal singing voice in "On the Record" (who sings "A Change in Me" in the show) would be a wonderful Belle...


I saw the show tonight in Tampa and was congratulating her on a job well done and I casually asked her, "So, when are you gonna be Belle?"
and she looked at me and said, "Actually, I just got a call yesterday..."

And she'll be starting the role in September!!!
How awesome is that!?!?
I called it!! hee hee ;D

The show was just plain fun, so if you get a chance to see "On the Record"...go for it!