"A Change In Me" from B&B Musical Release in CD


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Hi~ Everyone~ :)
It's very great to know that the forum are back. I want to share a news with everyone, in case someone want to know.

When Toni Braxton joined Beauty and the Beast musical, Alan Menken wrote a new song for her called "A Change In Me", but she has never released this song in any CD. Now someone else record it and release in her own new album. It's "Belle" from Beauty and the Beast original Broadway cast - Susan Egan. It's in her new album "So Far...". I was so excited when I knew this song was released by Susan. If anyone interested in this song or Susan's work. Please go to CD store and buy it. ;)

I think Susan has done a great job. This song is very good for her (not only for Belle, but also for Susan). When I listen to this song, my heart has been touched. I think if you are a Disney musical or Susan's fan, you must have this song. For more infomation, please go to her site "www.susanegan.net"

Hope everyone has a great life with Disney's music
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Wow...quite a coincidence there...I check out the Susan Egan web site every few months, just to see what she's doing. I had JUST CHECKED it on Friday, noticed the CD and the song...but didn't realize it was a new release, or I would have said something here.



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I did visit Susan's site sometimes, but not very often. First time I knew she releasing a new album was at Virgin Megastore. I just went to bathroom there. After I came out, the first thing I noticed was Susan's CD. It's kind of weird story, but I was very excited because I like Susan's voice. After I knew she recorded "A Change In Me", I was more excied. Then I didn't hesitate and just bought it. Now I am still very happy about it.~ ;)


That's great news! I have wanted to hear that song for quite some time now, an of course I ordered the CD right away. I like the way Susan sings, she has a very strong and recognizable voice. BTW, the CD also features another Disney tune, Sooner or Later from Dick Tracy.
Thank you for the news about a new CD by Susan Egan--I'll be checking for it! I should also mention that if you are interested in other Disney female singers, Judy Kuhn, the voice of Pocahontas, released a wonderful album a few years ago, "Just In Time," not featuring Disney songs, but covers of songs by Jule Styne--it's just great to be able to hear that crystalline voice again, I love the CD! Thank you again for the news about Susan--Michael Zielski.