A Bug's Life queue music


I saw, for the first time, A Bug's Life at the Animal Kingdom. While I DISPISE the bug version of Beauty and the Beast... I loved all the versions of musical songs you hear in the queue before you enter the theatre!
Does anyone have a list of these songs and know if any copies are floating around for collection?

BTW- I wasn't expecting much from this show, but I have to admit... I really liked it! That stinger made me jump right out of my seat!


Dr. Know

For some reason, Beauty and the Bees seems to be the only one that gets commercially released, a typically frustrating situation for those of us who enjoy the park music. Time and again we are given the same tracks. End of rant :)

Alex K

For some reason, Beauty and the Bees seems to be the only one that gets commercially released, a typically
I don't remember all the songs, but weren't most of them from (non-Disney) popular broadway shows? Another licensing problem.


Here's the list (complete?) of the queue music:

All music sung by the "bees"

From the musical "A Chorus Line"
Music by Marvin Hamlisch

Beauty and the Bees
Original "Beauty and the Beast" from the musical and film "Beauty and the Beast"
Music by Alan Menken

From the musical "Annie"
Music by Charles Strousee

5 minutes to show time!

I Feel Pretty
From the musical "West Side Story"
Music by Leonard Bernstein

Hello Dung Lovers
Original "Hello Young Lovers" from the musical "The King and I"
Music by Richard Rodgers

From the musical "West Side Story"
Music by Leonard Bernstein

1 minute to show time!

It's Tough To Be a Bug! (Theme Song)


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I was just about to create a similar topic myself. So the loop is only those 6 songs? If it is, that's good to know.

On a side note, can anybody name all of the shows that have posters in the "lobby"? I can only remember "Beauty and the Bees" and "Antie"...what are the others? I know they used "West Side Story" and a few others, but I can't remember the parodied titles.

Jessica L

Isn't it "Web Side Story"?

And I think "A Cockroach Line" is also used.

I'm also a big fan of this loop - it cracks me up everytime!



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Oh yes, thanks, Jessica! I do remember those now.

I like this loop too because you can just tell it was a fun, sillyl thing to do and it works.
Who ever said the "Beauty and the Bees" is the only song released, is wrong. The 2003 WDW has "Beauty and the Bees" & "It's Tough To Be A Bug" on it.


I love this queue music too! I was happy that at least we got "Beauty and the Bees." When I thought about why we haven't been offered the other great songs I believe its because Disney only owns the right to "Beauty and the Bees" and would have to pay the owners of the other pieces to release them. I won't rant here but we all know how !#**!?* :-X cheap the Walt Disney company is. I don't ever expect to get a release of these parodies unless someone smuggles a recording out. Or maybe if we can finally get rid of Eisner and install someone who knows something about entertainment.............
what me???

I'm just stating the facts. I probably wouldnt wait around on this one for Disney to release it. ;D

I'm sure others can back me up on that one.



All you have to do is take a tape recorder or even a video camera, find a speaker in the preshow area and record the tracks. It is not practical for Disney to release material like Tough to be a Bug and Paradise Pier on CD, the prices would jump because of royalties!