A Bit of a Song from The Princess and The Frog?

matt d.

Howdy everyone,

It's been forever since I posted but I wanted everyone to know that a snippet of a potential song from the 2009 hand-drawn The Princess and the Frog can be heard at disney.com's movie page.

matt d.


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Bill said:
There's also a preview on the Sleeping Beauty dvd.  Is it just me, or is the firefly character just so wrong-headed?
It's not just you.  I think it's a bit too...heavy handed?  I mean, Mater the tow truck was cute, but this character seems to be WAY too stereotyped...in a movie that needs to stay away from any kind of stereotype.  Although maybe they figured if they made some white redneck jokes, it would take some of the pressure off?  I don't know...I'm still looking forward to the movie, but the trailer didn't leave me with the best impression.


Don't worry about it. This Tuesday we all have a chance to vote against the black guy because he's black! Yaaaay!


What?!! Why are you all looking at me like that?

Would this picture help?



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I wasn't aware that either Brer rabbit nor the tar baby were standing for election. Then again, nothing you Americans do surprises me any more (I mean, you voted George W in not just once but twice) :D
We've got a one-eyed Prime Minister but at least he can talk without sticking BOTH feet in his mouth.
I still enjoy seeing that "fool me once" speech clip.
Voiced by Pinto Colvig perhaps?
A bit more clarification for you Bill. George Bush did win the popular and electoral vote in 2004, so you are only half right. We Americans did elect him at least once.

One of the other presidents to lose popular vote but win by electoral college was Benjamin Harrison which is presented in "One and Only Genuine Original Family Band".  There, I tied this thread back to Disney ;)


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I have to admit, your electoral system seems a little complicated (although I think the "two terms and you're out is a great idea).
We have a much easier system here.
You totally ignore all the candidates and just vote as you (and your parents before you) have done.
Either that or who looks nice.
Don't laugh. That's often true here. We reckon they are all the same and, when things go wrong, they just blame whoever was in government before them (regardless of how long ago it was).
Very few people have any interest in who wins as they are all the same anyway - and none keep their promises.
Whichever party gets the most seats wins.
I often think the leaders should just draw straws. ;)
The loser gets to run the country :D