A 80-tracked MSEP CD? Wow...

HI, just got email from a friend about an really interesting Japanese CD... it's called "DJ Digs Main Street Electrical Parade" (AVCW-12334), released by Walt Disney Record/AVEX. The interesting thing is that there are 80 :eek: tracks on that CD. Does anyone have more information on this product? Thanks!! -Matt


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Well...ok...there aren't really 80 separate tracks. I've seen that tracklist and they are separating every piece as a track, when in fact it's just part of maybe 1 track. It's like what they did for the Disneyland Fantasmic! CD; they broke down each unit, but the MSEP track on that CD was only one track.

This new Japanese CD has 8 tracks total, not 80. It's just different DJ's interpretations of the MSEP. I'll give a review when I've had a chance to listen to it.