9 new tracks on last Disneyland official album ???


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Hi everyone !

I read here that on the last Official Albums from both Disneyland and Walt Disney World (both released one year ago now) there were 9 new tracks that had never been available on CD before. Although I was able to find out what the 9 WDW tracks were, I can't seem to find out which of the Disneyland tracks are the 9 new ones. I have the 2-cd-set myself, and still I can't figure it out exactly.

If I'm not mistaken the 9 WDW tracks were Old Betsy, Welcome to Tomorrowland, Stitch's Galactic Anthem, Legacy, Energy Adventure Medley, One Little Spark, Honey I Shrunk the Audience Theme, Lights Motors Action and Dinosaur's CTX Theme.

Please help me out with those DISNEYLAND tracks, guys.

Thanks !!!

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These are the tracks that I had flagged as new to the OA. I believe the Fireworks show is only slightly different-something minor to do with the narration at the beginning. Perhaps it wasn't counted; that would bring the count down to 9.

Beautiful Beulah (1:33)
Splash Mountain Medley (10:34)
Sooner or Later (2:05)
It's a Small World Clock Parade (2:31)
Welcome to Tomorrowland (4:10)
HISTA Theme (1:47)
Space Mountain Complete Score (3:11)
A Bug's Life Suite (4:23)
Monsters Inc.-Mike and Sully to the Rescue Flow Thru (7:40)
Remember Dreams Come True Fireworks Show- Post 50th version (17:11)


heh yeah they changed julie andrews' spiel from "50 years ago" to a repeat of her saying "In 1955," and then changed "50 years later" to "Today" :p Kinda neat it got included like that I'm not sure I've ever heard both the original and post-anniversary version of something get released like that
I have the song "Remember, Dreams Come True" from the 6-CD boxed set "A Musical History of Disneyland". This was the original version of that, but Julie Andrews originally heard the words "50 years ago" and "50 years later" before it was replaced by "In 1955" and "Today". I've never heard the second version of "Remember, Dreams Come True" during its post-50th celebration.