"60 Years of ImaginEARing" by Rick Conant


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Hi Everyone!

Ten years ago I created the first audio tour of Disneyland called "The Disneyland Anthology" in 1999, then for the 50th Anniversary of Disneyland the 10-CD set "50 Years of ImaginEARing." Now over the past year I've reworked, remixed and expanded my mixes for the 60th Anniversary of Disneyland called...what else? "60 Years of ImaginEARing." In the past ten years I've watched my work used, sold, and stolen for the profit of others so now it's my turn to own my work. I've created brand new mixes of Disneyland's Classic attractions and shows with accompanying visuals on YouTube...I have so far uploaded 108 videos in six of the Disneyland realms: Check out the links below and enjoy! and don't forget to click the "LIKE" button and leave comments! Hope you enjoy these second generation mixes and Happy Birthday, Disneyland! Do enjoy and share these mixes with friends, I ask only that you not manipulate, alter or reuse for personal gain or profit. Thanks!

It all begins with the "Overture" to my new collection I call "Welcome to Disneyland!" Enjoy!

Main Gate
60 Years of ImaginEARing: MAIN GATE - YouTube

Main Street, USA
60 Years of ImaginEARing: MAIN STREET, USA - YouTube

60 Years of ImaginEARing: ADVENTURELAND - YouTube

New Orleans Square
60 Years of ImaginEARing: NEW ORLEANS SQUARE - YouTube

Critter Country
60 Years of ImaginEARing: CRITTER COUNTRY - YouTube

60 Years of ImaginEARing: FRONTIERLAND - YouTube

COMING SOON: Mickey's ToonTown, Fantasyland & Tomorrowland