6-disc set!


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I'm going to Disneyland on May 25th,I was wondering what my chances are of getting the set then? I dont care if i get the Record or not I just want the 6-cds. Thank you!


I know that the gold vinyl already sold out, but I'm not sure if they'll have the Special Editions by then, with the black vinyl.


From what I've read here and there, the "Gold" Edition is only sold out through Disney Direct... there should be more at Disneyland now!

If by May 25th, the "Gold" and "Black" editions are sold out -- which i doubt -- (but I'm only speaking from Paris, France, you know... the Old Europe ;)) that would be terrific for Disney, businesswise!
Then they should have the regular (Sans vinyl) available or new sets made... Why not after all?

Disneyfan1999; I don't think you'll have any problem getting your own set on May 25th! :)


Eddie Valiant

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When I went on the 5th, I asked a CM if they had any of the sets left and shook her head and said "no, but we're hoping to get more in later this week". She didn't know the quantity they were hoping to get or, for that matter, if they would even get them at all, but the line to buy them was L-O-N-G.

I'm glad I went a few days earlier to get mine.

Eddie V.


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Thanks everybody for your insight..but my friend from anaheim went on the 5th and got 2 sets and is going to send me one for 130 bucks..is that to high? Thanks everybody! ;)
If $130 is it, then that's not bad at all. The actual price is $124.99 so you'd be getting it at the equivalent of 4% sales tax. And, if you're getting a limited edition, I'd say you're getting one hell of a deal from your friend.