6 Disc Set & Disney Direct


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Did anybody else who ordered the 6 disc set with the gold vinyl get a shipment confirmation today? Looks like they got their shipment 9 days early.


No confirmation for mine just yet. I checked this morning (as I have for the past many mornings! :) ) and nothing as of yet. Still showing as 'active' but in 'backorder' status for me.


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Haven't heard anything here either. Last I heard from them was the letter in the mail with them having them on the 18th. Now that you mention that the excitement is starting to build again.


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Yesterday, May 12th, I received my 6 disc set with the gold album from Disney Direct. I had ordered it the morning of April 26th and was on the backorder list.

It was sent out on May 9th. I got an email shipping notice on the 10th and the Disney Direct website tracking info didn't show that it had been shipped until the 11th.


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Hey folks! I'm new here, so please be gentle... :)

I just called WDW Merchandise Mail Order at 407-363-6200 yesterday to order the LE version, which after shipping, came out to $140.93. The woman I spoke to assured me it was the Limited Edition, and not the Special Edition. Can anyone who's recently ordered from WDW Merchandise Mail Order confirm that I will in fact be receiving the LE? And one more thing, if the LE is limited to 5000 sets, how are people getting set with numbers higher than 5000? Just curious. Thank you!

-- Carlos


Hi.I think this was asked before.There were more than 5000 produced at the factory,but only 5000 for sale to the public.There were some that were destroyed due to production problems.Since some sets numbered below 5000 were destroyed,there are sets available numbered above 5000.It would have cost more to make sets numbered between 1 and 5000.Hope I explained that right. ;)
I can't answer the first questions, but as far as the last question goes, Randy Thornton mentioned something in a previous post about how they printed extra numbers because some of the those numbered sets were faulty. So basically, there are only 5000 being released, but the numbers on them will exceed 5000 in some cases.


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Got it. Thanks guys! And here's keeping my fingers crossed that I'm not too late to get the LE...

Carlos, I just posted this in another thread, but it should apply to you as well...

As of last night (5/18), WDW still had about 100 left on property. That includes about 30 at Mail Order. So you should be getting the Limited Edition! If you want to be sure, call them back and verify that the SKU number for your order is 12818190.

Please let us know when you get the set!


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Hey folks, just wanted to let you know that I got my 6 CD LE set today! UPS shows that they just delivered it at my home, but I'm still at work right now.

I ordered it on May 17th, and it arrived today, the 26th. Nine days total -- not bad! ;D