6-CD set has been available at 20th Century at DL for awhile now!


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I wanted to let you guys know that despite the May 5th release date, the 6-CD Limited Edition set has been available for brief periods at the 20th Century Music Shop on Main Street. They got another shipment today, but they're all out again at this point. They get approximately 100 sets per day, and they sell out pretty quickly. So keep your eyes peeled for the next shipment so you can procure a gold vinyl copy!

Oh, and as a side note - did anyone else notice the irony that the inner marking on the CD's have the Universal Studios logo on them? Funny...


Yup, I was just at the park today, and stopped by 20th Century in hopes that they would be available - and they were! I picked up my copy, along with a copy of the DL 2-disc set.


Thanks for the infos!

Right now, flying over to LA and back to Paris would make the cost of that set too prohibitive!

Oh well... I have to learn to be patient!

Aren't you all "sorry" for other fans in my case??? (Don't say!Don't say!)


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Today, Sunday May 1st, the 20th Century Music Shop remained sold out, but Disneyana had some in stock.


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Apparently they're available all over the resort now!

Today I tried 20th Century and they were out, but they directed me to the China Shop, and they were out too, but the China Shop directed me to Off The Page.

As of 5pm today, Off the Page in DCA had three copies left, so I picked one up.

If anyone reading this is looking to save some time, head over to DCA FIRST and the chances are good you'll get a copy without having to run all over the place.