50th anniversary a musical history of disneyland box set


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hi everyone

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i have a question about the 6 cd set. how come it doesn't have honey i, shrunk the audience full ride on the disc.

brett gever

Dr. Know

Copyright clearance, space, and significance.

The first two I can understand, though the exit/entrance music runs only about 2 minutes and could have fit in somewhere...

I take issue, though, with your intimation that HISTA isn't significant enough to include at all. This attraction has been seen and loved by millions of people. Bruce Broughton's main theme is one of my favorites. I was also disappointed that it wasn't included on the set.


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I think Randy mentioned the reasons behind not including things like this somewhere. I don't remember if was in an interview, the book, or a post here, but...

What he basically said was, he didn't want to include full shows with dialogue because it would not make sense just listening to it. Sure, some of us have seen the various shows/films and would know what was happening on screen, but most would not. I believe that's why he only included the score to America the Beautiful. And with something like Magic Journeys, HISTA or Captain EO, you really do need to understand what is happening on screen with all of the effects and such to get the full enjoyment out of it.

The score to HISTA would have been a nice inclusion, but I'm sure there was a good reason for leaving it off, like rights issues or something like that.