50th Aniversary Speech?

Hello, I searched as well as I cold for this information on MagicMusic, but couldn't find it.... So please forgive me if I'm reposting..

Anyway, It just popped into my head that I should look for this... on July 17th, 2005 at Disneyland they did something called a "Magical Moment" wher they showd a video Montage of Disneyland history backed by LeAnne Rimes singing "Remember When". But the tear jerker was the 3 wishes the narrater had for us on that day...I can remember that it emmotionally moved everyone within visible distance to me. Even the the big strong tough guy with his family was shedding a tear.

Anyway, I'm now in an obssesive search for a recording of this Magical Moment that happend on July 17th, 2005. Anyone know where a live recording may be found?