50 Years of ImaginEARing Project Update:

Rick Conant's massive Disneyland Tribute, &quot50 Years of ImaginEARing&quot will be releasing additional material in the coming weeks. The following material will be released via Disneylandsource.com:The Disneyland Monorail Swiss Family Treehouse/Tarzan Treehouse Adventure Thru Innerspace Pirates of the Caribbean Rocket Rods Splash Mountain The direct link to the project is: http://disneylandsource.com/50 I can safely say that you probably have never heard this material before, so if you think you may have heard these clips elsewhere, believe me, you won't be disappointed. (I especially enjoyed the Tarzan Treehouse material). We'll post more as to when the first clip is going to be posted, so check back here soon! Happy New Years Everyone!- Chris Lang

X-S Tech

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While the bulk of these flow thrus seem to be made up of the same old material, the final result is fairly interesting. Some of the mixes aren't exactly historically accurate (nor do they claim to be) like the House of the Future narration with Progress City music in the background. BUT, that doesn't mean that it's not fun to listen to. Instead of the usual piece by piece isolated tracks normally available, once in a while it's nice to pop in a CD and listen to a whole listening experience. And that's what these are. Just my two samolians.