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Jeff's post seems to have stirred up a lot of conversation among my friends and me. One of the more interesting discussions involved what the Disney Co. will be offering in 50 years.

Virtual Passport ($25.00) Buy it, sit in your living room and PRETEND to be at Disneyland

Lady and the Tramp 2 2

Pooh dressed as Wuzzles plush toys at the Disney Store (aka Pink Clothes with Glitter for Kids)

Direct to Video movie based on The Emporium starring Leonardo DiCaprio as "Joe" the cashier.

Spain Pavillion at EPCOT will be on the verge of opening

"Happiest Place on Earth" slogan to be replaced by "it's okay"

Michael Eisner will be frozen

Anyone else out there with a crystal ball?


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Annual Passholders will lobby to place a "Locals Only" sign over the entrance to Disneyland, and will be celebrating their 50th year in a row of not setting foot in DCA, while still complaining about it.

Not to sound like a pessimist, but if it continues "exponentially"...

(1) Disney has its name on 60% of all products including thousands of irrelevant soundtracks, films, detergents, clothing, jewelry, cups, drums, and buys 50% of all television stations, no matter what content is showed.

(2) Country Bear Jamboree becomes a drawing of a bear on lined paper with a music from a cassette player.

(3) Liberty Square is demolished and replaced with "An Incredible Hulk" style ride.

(4) Atlantis XV bombs for the fifteenth time; everyone wonders why

(5) Walt Disney becomes myth

(6) Mickey is given a nose-ring

(7) EPCOT turns into a giant roller coaster, two minutes total.

OK; these are really weird, I know, but if they CONTINUE what they are doing, and multiplying it over and over again, then who knows! :'(

But I'm sure they'll get some sense before it gets any slightly close to something as drastic as the above!


Michael Eisner will still be Chairman and CEO of THE WALT EISNEY COMPANY.

SONG OF THE SOUTH will still be unreleased on video.

ABC, ABC Family, The Disney Channel, Toon Disney will all be showing the same ten shows 24-hours a day: Boy Meets World, Lizzie McGuire, Kim Possible, The Proud Family, The Torkelsons, So Weird, Smart Guy, Even Stevens, Who Wants To Be Michael Eisner?, and all eleven episodes of MMC 2050, hosted by Britney Spears.

Disney will still be trying to sell the California Angels and the Anaheim Mighty Ducks.

The Tiki Room Movie will be Disney's big summer release


Cinderella 25: Gus Meets Mr. Mousetrap will premiere on theatre screens instead of going direct-to-video

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Not to be a downer, but do we really think the Company can last another 50 years using these bottom line tactics?