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Hey, All. Thanks for sharing so much about Disney recordings and discussions about the technical, legal, etc. issues related to this music. I am usually a lurker on this board and enjoy this information.

That said, I was surprised nobody brought up in this forum that Disney Music is offering a free song every day for 50 days starting today, May 3rd.

The deal is (as reported by MouseSavers and All-Ears via e-mail newsletters):

50 Days of FREE Disney Music

Fifty days, fifty fabulous tunes, all FREE for the downloading: that's the idea behind Walt Disney Records' "50 Days of Disney Music."

"50 Days of Disney Music" draws on songs spanning the Disney universe, from classic animated films such as Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Toy Story and Bambi, to hit Disney Channel series such as Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place, Phineas and Ferb and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, plus Disney Channel Original Movies High School Musical and Camp Rock.

With FREE downloads available via social media sites including Twitter and Facebook, "50 Days of Disney Music" kicks off May 3. To get your downloads, visit

You can also get in on the program by texting "Disney" to 66937. However, this may cost money as regular text message and data rates will apply. You must be at least 13 years of age with parents' permission. You will get 4-6 messages a month with this option.​
Since I do not belong to FACEBOOK or TWITTER, I joined via the Texting option. I haven't heard anything in response via text. However, I found I could obtain the daily link by going to twitter.com/disneymusic.

Today (Monday, May 3rd)'s song is Phineas and Ferb "Squirrels In My Pants" from the Phineas and Ferb Soundtrack. It is in MP3 Format.

Hope you enjoy the offer! After all, we all enjoy Disney. Plus, anything free from Disney is that much better.


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I signed up via text about a week ago and received my first download link this morning. I had problems downloading it to my iPhone, so I just cut and copied the link on my laptop and had no issues with the download.

Let's hope there's at least a few good songs over the next 49 days. :rolleyes:

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50 Days of Disney Music

Track List:

  1. S.I.M.P. (Squirrels in My Pants) [From "Phineas and Ferb"] / 2 Guys n the Parque 1:33 05-03-10
  2. What's This? [From "The Nightmare Before Christmas"] / Danny Elfman 3:05 05-04-10
  3. I Wanna Know You [From "Hannah Montana"] / Hannah Montana 2:47 05-05-10
  4. A Spoonful of Sugar [From "Mary Poppins"] / Julie Andrews 4:10 05-06-10
  5. One Jump Ahead [From "Aladdin"] / Brad Kane 2:22 05-07-10
  6. Trust in Me (The Python's Song) [From "The Jungle Book"] / Sterling Holloway 2:50 05-08-10
  7. If I Didn't Have You [From "Monsters, Inc."] / Billy Crystal & John Goodman 3:37 05-09-10
  8. Now or Never [From "High School Musical 3"] / The Cast of "High School Musical" 4:30 05-10-10
  9. Grim Grinnng Ghosts [From "Mickey's Monster Bash"] / Ghosts 3:54 05-11-10
  10. Hero [From "StarStruck"] / Christopher Wilde & Stubby 3:16 05-12-10
  11. Unbirthday Song [From "Alice in Wonderland"] / Camarata Chorus and Orchestra 2:12 05-13-10
  12. Vertical [From "Jump In!"] / T-Squad 2:56 05-14-10
  13. So Close [From "Enchanted"] / Jon McLaughlin 3:46 05-15-10
  14. Play My Music [From "Camp Rock"] / Jonas Brothers 3:17 05-16-10
  15. Minnie's Bowtique [From "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse"] / Minnie & The Picture Puzzle Girls 2:02 05-17-10
  16. Bet on It (Remix) [From "Radio Disney Jams 10"] / Zac Efron 3:23 05-18-10
  17. Gift of a Friend [From "Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure"] / Demi Lovato 3:25 05-19-10
  18. Following the Leader [From "Peter Pan"] / Bobby Driscoll & Paul Collins 1:42 05-20-10
  19. Take Me Out to the Ball Game [From "Children's Favorites, Vol. 1"] / Larry Groce 1:39 05-21-10
  20. Boo Bop Bopbop Bop (I Love You, Too) [From "Pete's Dragon"] / Charlie Callas & Sean Marshall 2:48 05-22-10
  21. Barking at the Moon [From "Bolt"] / Jenny Lewis 3:17 05-23-10
  22. That Crazy Place in Outer Space [From "Annette"] / Annette Funicello 2:26 05-24-10
  23. The Party's Just Begun [From "The Cheetah Girls 2"] / The Cheetah Girls 3:09 05-25-10
  24. Up With Titles [From "Up"] / Michael Giacchino 0:53 05-26-10
  25. An Unusual Prince/Once Upon a Dream [From "Sleeping Beauty"] / Bill Shirley & Mary Costa 3:29 05-27-10
  26. A Pirate's Life [From "Disney's Ultimate Swashbuckler Collection"] / The Jud Conlon Chorus 0:29 05-28-10
  27. Everything is Not As It Seems [From "Wizards of Waverly Place"] / Selena Gomez 0:50 05-29-10
  28. Polly Wolly Doodle [From "Country Bear Jamboree"] / George Bruns 2:15 05-30-10
  29. Main Title (Love Is a Song) [From "Bambi"] / Donald Novis 2:55 05-31-10
  30. One by One [From "Rhythm of the Pride Lands"] / Lebo M. & South African Chorus 3:10 06-01-10
  31. I Won't Say (I'm in Love) [From "Hercules"] / Susan Egan & Cheryl Freeman 2:20 06-02-10
  32. You Are the Music in Me [Sharpay Version] [From "High School Musical 2"] / Sharpay 2:27 06-03-10
  33. Footloose and Collar-Free/Bella Notte [From "Lady and the Tramp"] / George Givot & Oliver Wallace 4:22 06-04-10
  34. Meet Me Down on Main Street [From "Meet Me Down on Main Street"] / The Mellowmen 1:46 06-05-10
  35. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star [From "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse"] / Goofy 2:22 06-06-10
  36. Tomorrowland [From "Walt Disney Takes You to Disneyland"] / Disneyland Concert Orchestra 6:20 06-07-10
  37. Cruella de Vil [From "101 Dalmatians (Live)"] / Dr. John 4:08 06-08-10
  38. Forget About Love (The Return of Jafar) [From "Aladdin and the King of Thieves"] / Gilbert Gottfried, Liz Callaway & Brad Kane 2:55 06-09-10
  39. Winnie the Pooh [From "The Sherman Brothers Songbook"] / Disney Studio Chorus 2:18 06-10-10
  40. Too Cool [From "Disney Girlz Rock 2"] / Meaghan Martin 2:49 06-11-10
  41. Mickey Mouse March [From "Mickey Mouse and His Friends"] / Jimmy Dodd & The Mouseketeers 1:36 06-12-10
  42. A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes [From "Disney Princess: The Ultimate Song Collection"] / Ilene Woods & Mice Chorus 3:18 06-13-10
  43. Theme from Tron [From "Tron"] / Wendy Carlos & London Philharmonic Orchestra 1:36 06-14-10
  44. Strange Things [From "Toy Story"] / Randy Newman 3:18 06-15-10
  45. Tomorrow Is Another Day [From "The Rescuers Down Under"] / Shelby Flint 3:13 06-16-10
  46. The Glory Days [From "The Incredibles"] / Michael Giacchino 3:32 06-17-10
  47. Disney Afternoon Theme [From "The Disney Afternoon Songbook"] / The Disney Afternoon Studio Chorus 2:45 06-18-10
  48. Pluto's Waltz [From "Silly Classical Songs"] / Pluto 1:53 06-19-10
  49. So Far So Great (Theme Song to Sonny with a Chance) [From "Disney Channel Playlist"] / Demi Lovato 2:14 06-20-10
  50. The Sorcerer's Apprentice [From "Fantasia"] / Leopold Stokowski & The Philadelphia Orchestra 9:19 06-21-10


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Thanks, Jay, for keeping a running list of the free downloads. It may be an inconvenience, but will be appreciated to see the list as it grows. (It will, also, let me know what I will missed when I am away, this weekend.)

Anybody else taking advantage of this offer? What do you think of it?

As a follow-up, I still haven't heard anything in response to my signing up using my regular cell phone. This is not a problem since I am still using the links when they get listed in Twitter.


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I am still using the links when they get listed in Twitter.
You can follow the
links here, too. :rolleyes:
Well, blow me down!
Something I can actually get in the UK (Facebook) - whoopee!
Usually get a message saying "sorry restricted to....."
Missed the first few but got Aladdin today :D

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They really should have called this promotion "50 Half Days of Disney Music." The links don't show up until around noon and they turn into a pumpkin at midnight.


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They really should have called this promotion "50 Half Days of Disney Music." The links don't show up until around noon and they turn into a pumpkin at midnight.
Even worse when you live in the UK ;)
I should have a second clock showing US time.
Shows up here around 5 in the afternoon here (and they give the UK time in GMT - we're on BST (British Summer Time)at the moment.

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The folks running Walt Disney Record's Facebook and Twitter pages appear to be a little confused today. They're pointing to the wrong album and cover art for "The Unbirthday Song." Today's free download actually happens to be from the iTunes exclusive "Camarata" release:


Unbirthday Song

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Knowing our demographics, and evidenced by the lack of comments from anyone, I'm guessing 50 Days of Disney Music is going over like a lead balloon with the forum membership.


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Knowing our demographics, and evidenced by the lack of comments from anyone, I'm guessing 50 Days of Disney Music is going over like a lead balloon with the forum membership.
I'm still waiting for the main theme from Living with the Land to be released. Come on WDR, don't let me down!


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Im sure most of us have the tracks that will be put out in this collection. I am willing to bet $ there will not be any new park tracks or any thing new at all in this promotion. This contempory teen stuff belongs somewhere else(anywhere I or my family is not).


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So far, I am enjoying the promotion. I only missed, "21. Barking at the Moon [From "Bolt"] / Jenny Lewis" because I was too busy that day and forgot.

Also, I appreciate the efforts Jay is doing in keeping his list (and the link) current. (I believe InsideTheMagic.net is, also, keeping a list. I don't know, and don't use their boards.)

So, yes, the discussion is a little quiet. Anyone have any thoughts? I noticed it appears Disney Music is trying to pick out one of the lower valued tracks from each of their records. This, to me, leaves me wondering about some of their choices in song, with some being as little as 30 seconds long. There are a few gems I have enjoyed, but most are not that great or are just filler. We can hope there will be a few surprises still to come.

(And Melton1974, I don't have most of the released tracks. Just most of the good ones)

So, in addition to Horizon's request of "Living with the Land", what other lesser valued tracks would you like to see as we work through this last half of the 50 days?


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I've missed a few (mainly due to the time difference plus the odd occasion when the download link hasn't appeared on the UK version of facebook - so thanks for putting the links up here Jay)but nothing I'd lose sleep over (even my teenage son is too old for the teen stuff too).

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Walt Disney Records has mistakenly labeled today's release, One by One, as being an Elton John tune. The song was actually written by Lebo M., and is performed by Lebo M. and his South African chorus.

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Day 41: Controversy erupts! No love for Donald! :)

BTPBlog @ Twitter said:
@DisneyMusic These aren't the lyrics I remember. What happened to "Mickey Mouse...Donald Duck" and "Why? Because we love you"?
James Williams @ Facebook said:
While I love the free songs, I'm disappointed because this isn't the version I remember. After they call out Mickey Mouse, it should echo back Donald Duck. Towards the end there was the classic line - Why? Because we love you?
Jen Wejbe @ Facebook said:
Nice! What about Donald Duck?
Jackie Keatts @ Facebook said:
That's not the right Mickey Mouse March song! Where's 'Donald Duck'?

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Shoot! I wait 43 days to fall asleep at the wheel! Two minutes to download, folks! :lol:

Figures, too, that it would be a track by someone I know and love. Wendy Carlos, formerly Walter, for those of you who are fans of early electronic music.

Wanna know where Don Dorsey and a multitude of others got their inspiration from? Look no further:

Walter's/Wendy's :) [i]Switched-On Bach[/i] (1968) is something that belongs in every record collector's collection!

The follow-up, too: :angry: [i]The Well-Tempered Synthesizer[/i] (1969).

Run out and find yourself a copy of one, the other, or both! :eek:


And speaking of Don Dorsey...

Main Street Electrical Parade / Epcot Laserphonic Fantasy (precursor to IllumiNations) fans, hang your heads low if you don't already own copies of Don Dorsey's :angry: [i]Bachbusters[/i] (1990), and :wub: [i]Busted[/i] (1997).

:wub: [i]Busted[/i] is where you can find most of Laserphonic Fantasy (it's missing one segment). The complete soundtrack can actually be found on a Don Dorsey promotional album.