40 Years of "Joyous Songs and Wonderous Miracles"


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Greetings Friends:

As many of you may know, this June, Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room will turn forty years old!

As the first audio-animatronic show, the Enchanted Tiki Room revolutionized Disney entertainment and led to the development of more advanced theater shows that we've come to love - from the Carousel of Progress to the Country Bear Jamobree, from the Mickey Mouse Revue to the Kitchen Kabaret, from Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln to the American Adventure - it all started with the Enchanted Tiki Room!

The attraction showcases the incredible talents of Rolly Crump, Harriet Burns, John Hench, Richard and Robert Sherman, Marc Davis, Wally Boag, and many others and remains a testament to the creative genius of Walt Disney.

By all indications, Disneyland will not be commemorating the occasion, which is truly a shame.

I am writing to gauge interest in a small "grass roots" type effort to celebrate the Enchanted Tiki Room and the talents that made it possible.

I envision a little "get together" of sorts where we all wear our Hawaiian shirts, eat some Dole Whip, see the show, and sing the songs as a community of fans. We could all dine together in Adventureland (too bad the Tahitian Terrace is no longer in operation) and take a late night ride on the Jungle Cruise. Perhaps we could invite some of the Imagineers to join us in our celebration.

I don't know; you might have other ideas for things we could do. I just want to celebrate the fabulous history of the Enchanted Tiki Room and relive some memories with other people who love the attraction.

Anyone interested? Is this something you might come to if you live near Disneyland? Is this something you would cross the country for? If there is interest (on this discussion board and others), I would happily try to organize such an event.

Any thoughts?

"Monsieurs and Madames, it's time to say adieu, but we hope you will always remember the amazing things which happened here in Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room" . . . and all the things that happened because of it.

.........funny thing you mention the TIKI ROOM anniversary comming up.......we had been trying to influence our buyers for a time about this birthday coming up...even had talk about the artist Shag doing some commissioned TIKI GOD Portraits and also a special seri-grapgh reproduction of the 1963 attraction poster....and my favorite.:.a fullsize copy of the original "E" ticket next show sign.......as a working clock...nothing about audio was discussed much......however something should have been done for this hallmark attraction we (at Disneyland ) are so very very lucky to still have with us.........And SAD TO SAY: one of the merch folks thought the Tiki Room was closed for the Alladdin Rest. She didn't even know the attraction was still operating!!!!!!!!!That was back in June....and i don't think anything is gonna happen.......unless Disney makes an ENCHANTED TIKI ROOM movie!! Yikes!