2007-08 WDW Official Album, RANDY???


Well it's December 2007, now. Time to continue speculating for the Spring 2008 release of the 2007-08 WDW Official Album. Here are my thoughts on what the new tracks "might" be, on the 2007-08 Official Album.

1. Reflections of China - Richard Bellis --- CONFIRMED
2. Gran Fiesta Tour - Richard Bellis
3. Spaceship Earth "Descent" - NEW Version, music by Bruce Broughton!!!
4. O Canada (O Canada) - NEW show, song by Eva Avila!!!
5. The Seas with Nemo and Friends "Big Blue World"
6. Epcot Entrance Loop Track - A New One
7. Mission: Space - Trevor Rabin
8. Mickey's Philharmagic
9. Monster's, Inc. Laugh Floor

the recently updated version of "Golden Dreams" from "The American Adventure" might be on it as well.

Here is what I would "LIKE" to see on the 2007-08 WDW OA:

1. Ellen's Energy Adventure - More Music (Solar Energy and No Easy Answers) - Which would make it 4:50 long!!!
2. Mission: Space - Pre-Show(s) and/or Main Ride
3. Mickey's Philharmagic
4. Dinosaur - Pre-Show Film Music
5. Reflections of China
6. The Enchanted Tiki Room - Under New Management - A NEW Song
7. The Great Movie Ride
8. Monster's, Inc. Laugh Floor
9. The Seas with Nemo and Friends



Here's what I'd personally like to see:

1. El Rio Del Tiempo (old version of Mexico ride)
2. Gran Fiesta Tour (new version of Mexico ride)
3. It's A Small World (I'm too cheap to buy the Musical History of Disneyland, plus I love this song)
4. Fantasmic Finale
5. The Seas with Nemo
6. Maelstrom
7. Muppet*Vision 3-D (full show, plus pre-show)
8. Mickey's Philharmagic (full show)
9. Pirates of the Caribbean with new additions
10. Haunted Mansion (in its original form, just in case Disney does some tasteless changes to the Mansion in WDW)



isn't the fantasmic finale already released on the fantasmic cd?

and muppet vision 3-d would be too long to put on the official album. the longest track they can put on it is 13 minutes or less.

of old attractons i would like to see:

journey into imagination
captain eo
food rocks

i already know that reflections of china will be on this years official album.

Dr. Know

I don't think there is any reason to expect the full score (12 minutes) from "Reflections of China." My understanding is that a suite of 3 to 4 minutes will be presented on the next Official Album.


i wonder if randy is busy at work on this right now as well as the new itunes music store releases. Randy, can you confirm this?


Don't expect an answer anytime soon. He's got full radio silence. :-X



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He pops on only when there's relevant info, but he obviously reads the boards. Didn't he say that the iTunes stuff wouldn't show up until May anyway?

As for new WDW OA material, here's my wishlist:

WDW - things to add/replace (in addition to the standards):

1. New Main Street area track
2. Tiki Room Under New Management - New track
3. Updated Pirates track with recent changes
4. New Frontierland area track
5. WDW Big Thunder track...like the DL one, but with different area track used.
6. Liberty Square area track
7. Hall of Presidents excerpt
8. Cinderella Carousel track
9. Snow White or Peter Pan track, or both!
10. Mad Tea Party track
11. Mickey's Philharmagic
12. Toontown Fair area music (not the radio tracks from previous OA's)
13. Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor (if there is any music used)
14. WDW's Buzz ride through, which is different from DL and the other parks.
15. Dream Along with Mickey Castle Show

1. New entrance area track
2. The Seas with Nemo and Friends ride through, or just Big Blue World
3. Gran Fiesta Tour
4. Wonders of China

Disney MGM Studios:
1. Great Movie Ride version of Hooray for Hollywood
2. Muppet Show Theme from Muppetvision area loop
3. Rockn Roller Coaster track (although I'm sure this is not likely to happen due to rights issues)

Animal Kingdom:
1. New Tree of Life area track...although they've all been released before anyway...
2. New It's Tough to be a Bug queue track
3. Correct version of It's Tough to be a Bug
4. Expedition Everest queue track with SFX maybe
5. Area track from any other area in the park

WDW - things to remove:

1. Main Street Welcome Medley
2. Test Track Medley
3. Canada
4. Impressions de France
5. Playhouse Disney Theme

A lot of my wishes are things that replace existing tracks, so I'm hoping some of those make it onto a new album. As for DL, it's hard to pick anything new since almost everything has been released already. The only thing would be a track from the new Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage, an updated Pirates track, and an updated Haunted Mansion track with the new attic scene. Maybe a different Main Street Track, Toontown, and other area music replacements.


Wish lists for OAs are always a difficult thing - afterall those OAs need foremost carter to the "normal" guests. But with the 2 disc OA now firmly established I wonder whether it wouldn't be a good time to wander into some areas not considered so far for the OAs: the music of the water parks, in particular Blizzard Beach??

The water parks are an important element of WDW and are a part of the visit to WDW for a majority of guests. So a track from these should make sense for "normal" guests as well. Since especially the background music at Blizzard Beach stands out, it would be nice to have one track on the OA (which could be replaced with each upcoming OA).

Here is hoping maybe not for the OA '07 but '08 ...




1. Reflections of China - Richard Bellis
2. The Seas with Nemo and Friends
3. Gran Fiesta Tour - Richard Bellis
4. SpaceShip Earth - NEW Version, music by Bruce Broughton!!!
5. Monster's, Inc. Laugh Floor
6. Canada - NEW show, music by Bruce Broughton!!!
7. Dinosaur - More Music - Richard Bellis
8. The Enchanted Tiki Room - Under New Management - A NEW Song - George Wilkins
9. Mission: Space - Trevor Rabin
10. "Amazing Astro Organ" - Sonny Eclipse - George Wilkins
When it comes to WDW park music, I refer to the rock group "Queen". They have a song that expresses my sentiments exactly ..... "I want it all, I want it all"!



13 days till i call wdw mail order for the track listing for the new 2007-08 wdw oa
13 days till i call wdw mail order for the track listing for the new 2007-08 wdw oa

How could you call them for the 2007/2008 WDW Official Album when we don't know whether or not they're going to release one yet? ???


they always release an official album every year. since 1999 there has been one every year with the exception of 2002/2003


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Do you have a listing of the albums and the tracks on them from each year, or know of somewhere that has them? I was going to update wikipedia because it has some but not all, and I have a lot more than it has...

I have 1999/2000 with the characters holding up the mickey shaped 2000 on the cover
I have 2001/2002 Celebrating 100 years of magic with a bonus disc of share a dream come true
I have 2003/2004 Where Magic Lives version 1
I have 2004/2005 Where Magic Lives version 2 that had the sticker listing 6 new songs
I have 2005/2006 The double disc of the Happiest Celebration on Earth


Well, I'm just one guy ;D

I've been adding albums to Wikipedia, but I don't have them all, let alone have scans of the covers. 2006 was coming up next.

One thing I did wrong was put CD in the parenthesis, and sometimes the year isn't supposed to be used in the article title. Another thing I'm not sure about is the titles of the albums themselves.


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I didn't mean to imply that what's their isn't good, I was just trying to help. PM me if you need help. I'd love to!!

On the main page of this website, there is a broken link to Park Soundtrack section. What happened to that, and what information was on there?


I don't know what happened to it, I checked it a while back and the link was broken.

I sent a PM about Wikipedia, don't know if it came through or not.

BTW, I didn't mean to sound rude, I was just saying that I don't own all the albums, otherwise they would have been there by now.


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There have been 8 WDW Official Albums released so far. (I'm not including the DL/WDW combined OA's).

Anyway, they are:

1. Walt Disney World - The Official Album (1998) 60964-7 (Looks very similar the the DL/WDW 1997 Album)
2. Walt Disney World Resort - The Official Album (1999) 60658-7 (2000 logo on the front)
3. Walt Disney World Resort Official Album (2000) 60682-7 (Four Parks One World Logo)
4. Official Album of the Walt Disney World Resort - Celebrating 100 Years of Magic (2001) 60058-7 (Includes bonus disc with "Share a Dream Come True" single)
5. The Official Album - Where Magic Lives - Walt Disney World (2003) 60064-7 (First version with black cover)
6. The Official Album - Where Magic Lives - Walt Disney World (2004) 61158-7 (Second version with blue cover & sticker noting 6 new tracks)
7. The Official Album of the Walt Disney World Resort - The Happiest Celebration on Earth (2005) 61293-7 (First of the 2 disc set albums celebrating DL's 50th)
8. Walt Disney World Official Album - Where Magic Lives (2006) 61625-7 (Most recent Official Album, continuing the 2 disc set treatment).