2007-08 WDW Official Album Ideas/Suggestions for RANDY!!!


if you were randy thornton what 9 new tracks would you put on the 2007-08 official album for walt disney world?

here's mine:

1. ellen's energy adventure (a TRUE "medley") including:

About To Expand (segues into the next cue)
Big Bang
Pea Brain
Birth of Civilization
Solar Energy
No Easy Answers

along with other music not listed that is used in the attraction like: (mock cue list)

enter the diarama scene

2. mission: space (pre-show and ride films music)
3. mickey's philharmagic
4. one man's dream (main film music)
5. circle of life (only film score ; not circle of life intro song from "the lion king" film)
6. the enchanted tiki room under new management (more music) like:

intro (hot hot hot)
get on your feet
intro (messin)
messin with me
tiki god rap

7. kilimanjaro safaris (music from queue line video on t.v. monitors)
8. sound's dangerous (theme song)
9. dinosaur (pre-show video music)